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Hi, I currently have a betta fish in a 3 gallon tank.
However, a friend of mine gave me his tank in hurry since he was moving and couldn't bring it along. We looked around for pet stores and friends who would take the fish and didn't find anyone. He has had them for about a year.

His tank is a 10 gallon without a filter or air pump. He has 5 cloud minnows and 2 cory catfish in it. He has given me food and tap water dechlorinator along with the fish tank. The tank has gravel, decor, and a moss ball along with fish.

But I am kind of panicking on how to really care for them.

I have been instructed to do 50% water changes 1-2 times per week.
However, I have some questions:

So 50% water changes twice per week??

When doing a water change, do I add the dechlorinator for 5 gallons of water or all 10 gallons?

My room is kind of crowded so I was wondering if I can move my betta into the 10 gallon. Would he be alright?

How many flakes do I feed the minnows?

How many shrimp pellets do I feed the catfish?

Thanks in advance. I have only the betta so it's 100% water changes per week so I'm kind of panicking with this 10 gallon tank.
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