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  Guild Wars 2 has a slogan: What is your story?
  Tyria is a legendary continent full of a variety of stories with dynamic profound history. Some of them are little personal story happened on this continent while some are the story of the legend of Guild Wars 2 gold. Some are short and some are very long. Some are about his close friends' injured father and some about the fight for their own survival. Our aim is to tell the players various stories and to let players at different levels experience a rich story.
  You can't miss the role-playing when you mentioned a personal story. For players only play PVP, it seems meaningless to care about what the opponent says, just defeat him. However, for those who not only want to upgrade equipment and Guild Wars 2 gold,cheap wow gold, but also to experience the game world in his own way, who were truly obsessed in continent of Tyria (Guild Wars 2 world), who feel personal story is not marvelous enough, who would like to experience more interesting events, role playing, and personal stories is definitely worth attention.
  In Guild Wars 2, you are not restricted in the story Arenanet want to say. They just build a framework and you have to make a choice, play out your own story. A task is not only a "completed" on the list no longer. It became a meaningful event: such as one of your friends died or you go to some important place. All these things will become part of your personal story of Guild Wars 2 gold. In simple terms,wow gold, this gives you a reason to explore this world.
  Thus, you start to care about the game's legends, settings, history, and even each location, each character's story, as well as a variety of vivid details added by the game developers. When you found it in a corner, there are mixed feelings. I believe a lot of World of Warcraft players have similar Guild Wars 2 gold experiences. Your character has its own history, background, beliefs and behavior patterns. It is no longer a prop. You will have more sense of belonging so as to stimulate you to create an appropriate role.
  This is only my personal opinion. About how to achieve this purpose in Guild Wars 2 specifically, I will show you three common career story to see how they support the main development of the game plot in my next article.
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