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Update on Specky

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We went back over there today and from sunday to today is a huge improvement. She can finally stand and walk without stumbling over everything though she still has the head tilt. She graduated from really wet food broken up in really small bit's to eating power boiled ground beef and rice. I should have gotten pictures but i will try and get some on sunday when i am back over there. Keep her in your thoughts and that she continue's to get better and will put some weight back on.
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aww im glad shes doing a little better. :)
Me too :) She's doing so much better than anyone expected. Hopefully the next thing will be to get her weight back up and then the head tilt thing.
Great news!
Here are a couple picture's of specky.

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aww so cute
Your dog looks cute, I hope things will be more better.
Aww, what a beautiful old girl Specky is!
OMGosh, she's so sweet! I want to squeeze her.
She's surely a very lovely girl, so amazing on her fast improvement!
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