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Update / photos!

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I was home in the states for about 1 month 1/2 and returned to Aus. about a month ago. And of course as soon as i got back i took tons of pictures of benji and smothered the bun with hugs and kisses, not to her liking :p I just thought I would post some of the pictures I recently took!

OH a new thing benji has started taking to doing is if i am laying on the floor, coming and getting on my stomach then fakes like she is going to lie down then sprints off and runs in a circle, and repeats the process. I swear she loves torturing me, because i get all mushy and excited she is about to lie down and then she runs off!

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how little she used to be! when I first got benji :) little mix matched ears!
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ohmygoodness!!!! She takes my breath away! She's SO pretty! The stomach trick is hilarious! She's a jokester for sure :p
Haha a beautiful tease :) Sounds like a perfect woman, too bad she is a rabbit :)
she looka so cute my rabbit isnt half as cute as yours
Aww,she is pretty. I love her markings.
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