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Sorry Ive been away for so long! Life was abit hectic then everything calmed down and I found the site again.

The girl's have upgraded to a bigger cage now we wont worry about them slipping through the bars. The boys are still in their 3 story in the living room, the girls are in our room.

So since ive last spoken fiance has been going and finding home's for our rats future babies and guess what! We've found 9-10 homes! After realizing this recently we decided to let our hooded's go ahead and mate when she went into heat. Poor fiance, we didnt realize she was in heat until Snoogen's started on her in his lap!!!

Also we had one lil tiny accidently that will possibly blow up on us...we got so used to only snoogens checking out the girls that kamikazi finally took an interest he didnt show it until he and one of the girls(we dont know which) were under a blanket and went at it! We caught him after we believe the 1st time, but we're keeping an eye on our other female just in case she was the one that got 'lucky'.

since then, MissyBoo's gotten bigger tummy wise and Kamikazi has realized he is a male and must hump everything, even his cage mates, much to Ratatouii's annoyance.

Everything else has gone pretty good for them. The girl's and Kisa(my calico cat) get alone. She'll sniff the cage and they'll come over and either sniff her or nip her nose. God knows that's what happened when she lightly stuck a paw in(I was watching the whole time, she was trying to get their attention!) and got a nipped paw! They had an adorable moment the other day. She was watching them from the chair while they scampered on my bed and they ran under some blankets at one point. Kisa looked around, then jumped down and onto the bed. One of the girl's shot out and stood on a mound of pillows next to her and they stood nose to nose sniffing each other. Then Kisa jumped off the bed and went to sleep in her crate.
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