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Long time no see !
I don't know if anyone remembers me, but I used to be on paw-talk 24/7! Over the past year I've been super busy and I hope to be on more now that its summer :)

Well just wanted to say hello and give a little update.
My name is Cassidy. I am going to be a sophomore next year (yay!) and I currently have two rat girlies, Marlie and Lola. Two tubby kitties, Oscar and Scout. And my fluffy dog Kusa!

I volunteer at the local animal shelter and spend my free time playing basketball haha :)

An update on my pets-
The rats are sisters and are 1 and a half now! Wow time flies.
Scout is about 17 years old and just finally starting to slow down. He's been kinda sick lately so please keep him in your prayers!
Oscar is the typical Garfield cat, weighing in at 16 pounds at 5 years old. Although he isn't obsessed with food, he is obsessed with water :dopey:. And Kusa just turned 6 in February. She enjoys long walks, sleeping, and chasing squirrels!
Hopefully pictures to come!
I'm glad to be back and I can't wait to chat with everyone!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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