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Updates on our family <3

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hey all,
its been a long time since iv actually posted here other then just to try and help people with advice:giggle: Things have been Hectic here.

so heres the update on our little big family. PICS TO COME!

We moved from the crappy apartment we were in where I was going completely insane in, to a condo, its a nice place to rest for now but it is definitely Not what we call Home its just a house for us for now. Till we buy.

Our Human daughter alyson is now offically 15 months old, she is a livley little trouble maker (just like her mum) and is starting to learn to walk she is doing really well and never stops talking. She Loves her fur friends and is extremely gentle with them. Other then trying to put Moe in her baby stroller and saying hes her baby .:giggle: She is slowly getting Over her fear of dogs.

Moe (our male orange and white tabby) Is doing well He had escaped and went missing for almost a full week which drove us insane. Luckily no big damage was done as he is an indoor only cat, I guess he just needed the taste of the great outdoors I don't think he will be doing that again for awhile lol.

Kimik (Our silver tabby) Is doing well driving us a little batty and working on some temperament and other issues with her, but is doing well none the less.(shes exactly like her mom was just a little less nuts)

Shelby (Our newest cat shes a tori ) Is doing extremly well since coming home this summer.

Tucker (Chi mixed with Min Pin) Tucker, came home after having to rehome spezza, He wasn't suppose to come home with us I was DEAD SET AGAINST IT,since Speeza the dog we had to rehome attacked and bit the baby badly. but we couldnt leave him in the horrible conditions that he was in. Although we were just going to foster him. We have fallen in love with him. He is a young dog not yet a year old. Our daughter and Him are the best of friends and he is doing well with house trainning ect. I forgot how much work a puppy is but loving every moment of it.and he just fits in so perfectly lol.

How is everyone else doing ?

Here are Pics as Promised :sneakyhug

Moe in Alysons doll stroller lol

Shelby in the sink

Kimik taking a nap

Tucker being cute

Alyson being mommys little angel

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Aw, love Moe and your daughter has such pretty eyes.

I am also coming back after not being here for a long time, so its nice to see you.
Welcome back vanillarat maybe more of the old crew will pop up since summers over
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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