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Hi everyone, I have a really urgent problem. I have two parrots, a white capped pionus and a white bellied caique. I also have two dogs. The dogs are both on frontline flea and tick preventive. I don't understand it, but even though she's on the same meds as my other dog and in the same weight group and dosage etc, one of my dogs came up with a flea infestation. She's been treated, but they've gotten into the house now and they just keep popping back up on here even though we've still never seen them on the other dog. I've been checking carefully but I've seen no sign of fleas on the birds or in their cages. But for my dogs sake and my own sanity I have to get these fleas out of the house. Obviously with parrots it would be dangerous to use the typical flea bombs, is there anything I can use to get the fleas out of the house that would be less dangerous for the birds? I can't figure out how this happened we always dose the pups with preventive once a month!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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