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Hi all,

I am Ben. I am a UNSW student from Sydney.
My friend Shanshan in Handan, China is a dog organization volunteer and she is helping two poor dogs now, which are Samoyed and another one.

These two dogs dropped from the trunk during the trip from Handan to Changchun and got serious hurt! Samoyed need cut one eyeball and another one need amputation!This is really urgent! She is now raising money in her Sina Microblog.

I am here to help her to raise money for the two treatments for the two dogs. Everyone please help these two dogs!

Here is my PayPal account: No matter one dollar, two dollar or five dollar. Never mind and THANK YOU! Please help the dogs!
I claim that these money would DEFINITELY only be used for helping these two dogs!

I know maybe some people do not trust me and this is normal. I do not want everyone to believe me. However, THIS IS TWO DOGS' LIVES!!!! THANK YOU EVERYONE! THANK YOU!


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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