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USDA Certification

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I was wondering if anyone could tell me how to go about getting a(n) USDA Certification? I want to own or work on a ranch or farm working with livestock, such as: goats, sheep, cows, horses, and maybe pigs. Would I have to get a certification for each type of animal I would like to own & work with?
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I dont know if you would need certification to work there, maybe to own one. I was in 5th grade when my parents got out of dairy farming so I dont know much about that part. They have just a few beef steers now & they dont need any certification that is why they have a butcher that they take their cattle to when the time comes.
It depends on what you want to do, which animals, and how many.

It's a silly response, but have you tried contacting the USDA with your questions? They are the ones best suited to answer them about USDA certification.

Hello. You might want to try and post this in a more appropriate section. This section is for suggestions and questions about the forum.


Ask in the General Animal section, and you may get more responses. :)
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