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We just adopted two male one-year-old piggies. We have had them about a week and they are acclimating to our home well. We are leaving on a short vacation Monday morning and returning Wednesday evening. I have a few options for care while we are away and want to get some feedback on what people think is the best route.

1) Bring to a friend's home 45 min away. They have 2 small kids, as we do, and they will have more interaction (ie kids at the cage) throughout the day.
2) Bring them to a relative who is 15 min away. They will pretty much see a couple people before work in the morning and after work to be fed and watered.
3) Leave them home and ask the neighbor and her kids to come over to feed and water them, and they will probably stay a bit to talk to them.

If we had them a while I would think option one would be best. But considering we just got them, should we put them in the car for 45 minutes and leave them with new people for 2 days?

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