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First off I want to say that I haven't posted here in a long time. I don't think I have posted within the last year but I used to be a regular. I have gone on to other forums but now I come back with some disgust...not for the forums themselves but members. If this is in the wrong section I want the mods to move it but I still want some feedback if possible.

A few months ago there was a girl posting on another forum about being overwhelmed with rats. She was unwilling to give any of them up for adoption and she was refusing to give them care as needed. She was basically in over her head. After she got a lot of criticism from the forums members she got very discouraged and basically made a post about her problems and that she couldn't handle the amount of rats that she had (I'm sorry if this is getting to personal).

I felt sorry for her and I offered to BUY her a new martins cage and send it to her. I was paying for it with my tax money. I didn't get much back in taxes but I thought it would help her and I gave her the condition of not buying or "adopting" anymore rats. She agreed and gave me her address.

I had planned on getting her a new 695 martins cage instead of the add on to turn the cage she had into a RUUD. I didn't want her to have a huge cage I guess so she could add more rats. I wanted her to have a separate cage for her older babies and keep her 695 for the younger guys. She was totally maxed out as it was and I didn't want her to get anymore rats.

I got my taxes back and I ordered the cage. She bugged me and asked if I had gotten it powder coated and stuff like that. She bugged me and asked if I had ordered it etc. She wanted tracking info and everything else. I sent it all to her and answered her questions. It might have been dumb on my part but I seriously wanted to help her. I know people aren't "greedy" by nature but she was turning to be a greedy person. I know if someone was sending me a cage for free and no questions asked I wouldn't mind what the cage looked like.

I looked at the tracking info a few days after I ordered the cage and realized that she had gotten it. I sent her a polite email and asked if she did indeed recieve it and she said she did. She told me put it together wrong but that she had it straightened out. I didn't hear from her a few days until she went into the chat room and said that she had gotten another rat! I was so peeved and I told her it was a slap in the face to ME for buying her that cage. She later told the mods to ban her that she didn't like how she was treated.

Now I don't know what to do. I seriously want to write her a strongly worded letter and tell her what I think. I also want to tell her that it will be okay and that as long as she doesn't get anymore rats she should be fine.

All this just bothers me to no end.

I'm sorry if this should go some place else but I don't know where to put it.

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you have her address, I think a letter would be a good idea. Or maybe snail mail her some literature on animal hoarding?
It was such a nice thing for you to do, but honestly I think she saw it as an opportunity to feed her addiction. And for her to ask for you to be banned?? Ugh. Those poor rats.

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First off, welcome back! :D I hope you stick around, it's been awfully quiet here.

And wow. Just wow. Why would she act like that if you just bought her a brand new cage with your own money?! That's ridiculous. If someone bought me a brand new cage to save me from rehoming a pet, I'd practically worship them.
Sorry that happened to you, that was such a nice thing for you to do, it sucks that it turned out that way.
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