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Very Wierd Bunny Problem, please help

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My bunny, Clover, has a really strange disease type thing. He lives in our atrium, which is dusty, and, due to his being there, moldy. But we can't keep him aywhere else. The most recent addition to his home is our chicken, Cluck Everlasting, who is REALLY old and seems to have no intention of croaking anytime soon. She got moved in because our dog, Sophia, was really excited and almost ate her in her previous home.
Anyway, to the problem. Both Cluck and Clover have developed some weird moldy looking stuff on and around thier eyes, ears (in the case of cluck, her gobbler things), and feet, as well as any other exposed spot. I think it might even be under thier fur and reathers too. It is black, flaky, and there seem to be weird bug-like things crawling around in it. Clover scratches at it, making it worse, and Cluck pecks at it. It is making Clover's eyes and ears red and sore, and chicken's feet too.
I think it might be mites, or mold, or something. My mom thinks it is cancer, but is refusing to take him to the vet. :( If you guys think it is urgent enough, I might be able to convince her to take him. Otherwise, could you maybe suggest something to help him get better. Thanks.
Here are some pictures. It has been several weeks, and it has been getting worse ever since:

This is a rather blurry picture of his eye.

In this one you can just barely see the black stuff on his ears and eyes.

This is a spot on his nose

The chicken pecking at the stuff

More on his ear and eyes

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ok, well seriously, that's a bad thing, whatever the growth or intuition tells me it's bad. is there any way the bunny could live inside? if so then invest in those CUBE organisers, they make great cages from what i understand. maybe take bunny to the vet?? i really hope he comes out okay *hugs*
I would guess its some sort of fungus, if they are in a damp, moldy environment. They really need to see a vet, though, that could cause some serious problems, if it gets in their lungs or something...
i concur.....a vet is a good idea, got nothing to lose i guess. best wishes again hun!
I would definatly take him to see a vet. My first thought would be that it's some kind of fungal infection, but it concerns me that you said that their seems to be bugs crawling around it. They don't look like magets do they? Or maybe more like fleas?

I think as well as a trip to the vet, that you should consider fixing up their living quarters so it's not so moldy and stuff in there. It can't be good for them to be breathing mold in all the time, and if it's wet and damp, it's probably not very comfortable for them. You can make fixing up their area a little project for yourself and probably have some fun with it!

Good luck, I hope they're feeling better soon.
Get them to a vet. that does not look good at all.
The very first thing that needs to be done without any delay is to take them to the vet ASAP! I do think that is is urgent. Especially since you say that "It has been several weeks, and it has been getting worse ever since"
The bunny must feel uncomfortable and then worse when the chicken pecks at it. Their living conditions need to be cleaned up especially if you see mold in their. It will only make their condition worse.
Please get it to a vet.
Wishing your pets the best and hope they get well.
I agree, your pets should go to the vet, but if you are not allowed to take them, the only thing I can think of to try is Vanodine. You can use it to treat your animals, and you can also put it in a spray bottle and mist the air to keep the mold down.
Vanodine. Vanodine V18 FAM Animal Disinfectant Non toxic and safe for birds reptiles and farm animals. Kills viruse fungus and bacteria
I agree with everyone else i would take that poor bunny to a vet asap. You do need to clean up their living quarters and if poss bring bunny inside as its not fair to keep him in a room full of mould and damp its only going to make him worse. Please take him to a VET!!
Hope everything is ok keep us posted x
Has he lost any fur? Does anyone here know what ringworm looks like on a bunny? I have been searching the net for pics and info but cant find any isn't ringworm is it?
it doesn't really look like ringworm to me and if there are bugs in it its not. It sounds like it could be mange or bad fleas though. they both need to go to the vet, and move into a not so dirty dusty moldy place. Maybe if you can't get them a better cage at your home you should rehome them.
I also don't know how rabbits react to bird mites. He could have gotten those from your chicken or chicken's living area. I wouldn't recommend letting the two species mix.
Well, as I said before, and I just asked my mom again, the taking them to the vet is an absoloute NO. I have been trying really hard to keep thier home clean, and it doesn't really work. :( Maybe I could try harder, but with school and stuff... Anyway, the rehomeing would mean they would both live in rabbit cages about 2 x 3 feet, or else get eaten by the dog. Clover is a large New Zealand, so I don't think he would like it. :( I am really in a bind here, as my mom does spend money an vet trips for dogs and cats, but that is all. The Vanodine stuff I might try, the problem is it costs $10 dollars including shiping, and my mom wouldn't like that at all.
I don't think it is ringworm, I have been doing all the research I can here, and it doesn't seem to be that. His fur does seem to be coming out a little though. They CANNOT live in the house, my whole big family has allergies, although they are fine outside.
So far, my leads here are to clean up his home, and to try to disinfect it. For disintfecting, would diluted peroxide work? Maybe a vitamin supplement on the side?
As to the moldy home, I can try mulch to keep the dust down, and a litter pan for bunny, but how do you litter train a chicken? I guess I'd have to clean that up by hand. I'm pretty good at gardening, but Clover loves to eat and dig up anything I put in there to keep the dust down. Any other suggestions in this view?
Oh, maybe I could build some sort of hutch. It would have to be coyote and hawk proof though...
Thanks so much to all of you for your help! It is very comforting to know that some people care about it, even if it seems a hopeless situation. :( I'll post more pics asap. :)
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well bud, all i can think of is go invest in those cube organizers that make great cages. this bun needs to be moved, the living conditions are a tad ridiculous. the cube things are great, many here use and love them. there are many alternatives than just a "tiny rabbit cage". this is about really being creative. to help this bun, it must stop living in a chicken coop. im really creative so if you need ideas many of us here will help you out. im totally not meaning tobe down on you, but we need to be realistic. the bun doesn't have to move indoors, just out of the chicken home. you can always make a cage and pupt it beside teh coop, or anywhere outside. but the hunny bunny needs a cleaner home. lemme dig up the link for cube cages....

there found it. this should help :)

and again, ask around, many have their own setups that are HUGE and really neat looking :) we'll be happy to give ideas
:( too bad you cannot convince your mom that they need the vet.

You say you have been doing the research to figure out the problems they have. So about rehoming them if it comes to that...maybe you can do some more research into that?? There must be some organization that could take them in and get them the treatment they need? Maybe others here who are familiar with that can help you with that, i hope.
Or maybe you will be able to find someone to help you pay for their trip to the vet.
Either way, i hope it all works out. :)
Not to be harsh, but if your mom won't provide vet care, and you can't provide a proper habitat, your bunny may be happier in someone else's home that will.
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..yep I agree too..
...thats what i was trying to say with my previous post..but in different words.

But Jennicat said it best and in a way that should help mysticpets see the seriousness of the problem.
Rehoming might be the only way to go. But I don't think we can rehome Cluck. She is too old. And we have to solve the problem first. I don't want to stuff up rescues with sick bunnies. :(
Your mom should take at least one of your pets to the vet because you don't know if what they have is contagious. How do you know that this isn't going to spread to other pets or to people?

Peroxide might help, but you will need to dry things off after you use it. Probiotics might work better than vitamins to boost their immune systems. Probiotics are the friendly bacteria we have in our gut. Check with a pet store, or if you have a farm supply store, you will find it there.

If your pets continue to get worse, maybe you should give them to the SPCA, so they can get the medical care they need. I had parents that didn't believe in taking animals to the vet, so I know how you feel, and I will pray for you. In some states, not taking an animal to the vet when it needs medical care is considered animal cruelty and is punishable by law. I pray your mom will have a change of heart.
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