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veterinarian issues

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So last night I took Blitzen to the vet and he got his parvo shot. Only thing is, he got about half of it, the other I got on my pants. I asked her if he's gonna be OK with getting not all of it. And she said yea sure, but I said if I wanted him to get another shot (better safe than sorry I feel) and she said I could do it in another 3 weeks. Is a vet supposed to be like that? I would change vets if I could, but that's the only one in my town. That place is also a B & B, a kennel and a vet's office and they live there too.
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I would go with your vets advice and wait the 3 weeks, then redo the shot if you want to - over vaccinating can be just as bad as under vaccinating.

Another option is you could do a titer test. In most places it's kind of expensive, but it's a way to test if your dog has antibodies to a certain disease.

How old is Blitzen? If he's young...most vets do a course of puppy shots every couple of weeks anyways, so irregardless he probably would have gotten another parvo shot in a few weeks anyways. If he's older and has had a parvo shot before, than chances are he's still protected from his previous shot. There is research that shows that most vaccinations protect dogs for at least 7 years. I don't vaccinate my dog yearly.

What happened that he didn't get the whole shot though? I think I would be kind of weary of a vet who messed up a common vaccination.
He was sitting on my lap, he wasn't moving at all. All of a sudden I felt my pants get a little wet, at first I thought he had peed on me. She missed, she hadn't gone deep enough. He's got really thick fur and it's pretty long too. He's about 3 months now, it's just an estimate because his parents owners don't remember when he and his brothers and sisters were born. The vet told me his next shot wouldn't be until Jan 2012.
Mastie found a home for Blitzen, plus this thread is way old now.
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