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VIDS Recent bunns!

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Even though this forum is not as frequented as the past.. I thought I'd share my Tuesday vids. I mentioned before that Acacia has become more social after we lost Coco . . .

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Soooo cute
She's cute, watching her makes me remember how much fun my bunnies were.
Thanks guys :)

Acacia has warmed up so much to us after Coco passed. I thought I would never see her follow me or beg for treats or even *gasp* come up to me for pets!! She was always an independent bun who wanted nothing from me :/
Last night she was helping Matt iron his perler bead decoration by standing really tall to watch. Today she was helping me pack by trimming the boxes for me :D
Shes so cute!!! I love the haybag, I might have to try that one. Samson goes absolutely nuts for bananas, she takes huge chunks and runs off so I can't get it back haha. Now I cut small portions to give to her :p
:p They're little brats hey! Greedy things don't like sharing!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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