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My friend and her aunt are looking for a Australian Terrier Breeder. We have had no luck finding one (my friend and I--she doesn't have internet on her comp. at home). She is looking for a male of breeding quality, show, but might not show him, just have as a pet. She has been doing research on breeding and they have talked to their vet knowing that they usually need c-sections, etc. Please do not fill up this thread with things like that...She would like a puppy. Around 2 months-6 months. Her female, Niki, is currently 1 yr. and 2 months. Sha also has 1 female chow, Ginger, who is spayed. Then besides the dogs she has 2 fish and 2 cats. She is also getting 2 male chinchillas from me soon. So those are her pets...She is in Buffalo, NY and is willing to travel up to about 4 hours one way. She may also be interested in shipping. So if you are a breeder or know of someone who is please email me at:
[email protected].
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