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Wanted: Long Haired Dachshund Breeder in NC area

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One of my co-workers asked me to see if I could find any dachshund breeders in the NC area, she'd prefer to find a long haired one.

If you know of one, please PM me or post! Thanks! :wave:
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Maybe a little too far - we breed them where I work ...
My dad only has smooth coats right now.

The lady at the first link is a really nice lady, she's retired, her husband died years ago and doxies are her life, her daughter and granddaughter help her out too, they life right next door. Her name is Ann Mathews, I've met her a few times, and looked on her site a lot too.

Her Site

Also, another breeder in NC, I have emailed her before asking about her dogs and the lady seems very nice.

Eller's Dachshunds

Hope this helps some, of course, just tell her to make sure she asks them lots of questions and such, but I bet she knows that. Tell me how it goes!
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