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Washing my rats fleece

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I decided on fleece for my cage and I was wondering what detergent I should use t watch it my male has a strong odor so I need to use something but I also know they are sensitive to smell
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When washing fleece or fabrics for your rat you can also add in vinegar to cut the smells as well.
I am handwashing hammocks now, since i live in an apartment building and the smell can stay trapped in the room downstairs.

I used to use soap, vinegar and cold water, then bring them upstairs to hang around and dry. Fleece dries really really quickly, hammocks a day or 2.

With my fleece I use a small dustpan brush, and brush off the loose crumbs and poops into a big garbage can/bag.
I'll have 3 rats 2 girls and a boy ... I was thinking a spray down with dawn and water then scrub it spray with warm water then wipe with a towel ...
If you mean in your tub, then that's great...otherwise it would just be messy :D
This cage ... I won't be able to remove shelves or anything and no I will remove the poop and just scrub off urine and grease.

Off topic can I just use aspen in his litter box? Is there a material that is easiest to train them with? He poops everywhere right now and its a lot
I prefer pelleted litters in litter pans. They are heavier, and I find that rats prefer them to other litters.
1 - 4 of 19 Posts
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