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So I found out this morning that Blitzen's one and only favorite TV show is 'Waybuloo'. Every time that show is on he is glued to the TV for at least half of it. And the show is so dum too..not to mention annoying. lol. I actually think he knows when it's over...if he's not in front of the TV near the end of the show and then he comes and sits in front of it for a few min and the show doesn't come on, he turns back and looks at me like what happened...I wasn't done watching it. lmao. The way he just sits there and sometimes tilts his head to one side just makes me laugh. :rolleyes:
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:) I don't know what that is but if its anything like the kids channel Treehouse then I feel your pain! lol Silly doggie, he's learning
haha moe does that (my orange kitty) when he sees timithy goes to school playing on the tv hes so fixed on the tv lol. if he hears the theme song for it he comes moewing into the room and sits on the sofa and watches it he purrs through most of it. lol
that's funny. :)
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