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about 5 months ago we adopted a pair of male degus from pets at home. they had no idea what the age of the degus were, only knew that they had been given away due to fighting. pets at home tried to separate them and they just cried for each other for two weeks before they then tried neturing one of them. they have been happy little chaps ever since.

we lost one of the males (edward) today, he lost alot of weight very suddenly and yesterday was just lying in the cage cold and panting. the pdsa told us there was nothing they could do, so we had him put to sleep. :(

I am concerned about the remaining degu (gezelle, my daughter named him lol)
he seems very sad, naturally, and is crying out alot. should i just give him alot of attention, do i find him a friend? i heard trying to integrate them is very hard and i dont want to stress the little guy out any more.

ideas guys?
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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