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Wow, my first thought, like Jess was a misplaced molar. God knows Akina had it :/ Then I was thinking maybe a weather change, allergy or that he poked it with hay. Bunnies will hide their pain and they will only show it upon symptoms which are out of their control, like the tear duct, which is placed next to the molar. It is a good indication that there is a problem and fluid will run down out of the eye and into and around the nose.
The vet gave me an opthalmic ointment called BNPH which cleared up Akina's mucous in her eye when she had retrobulbar.

A note about you not being "cheap". I always research online and in books and with people about symptoms and illness to see if it is something to handle at home. It's responsible and savvy because it makes you aware and "in the know". I'm a poor student and I refuse to drop out and work full time again to pay bills. I will not become a lifer like someone very close to me. Student loans are what feed my pets and medicate them. So, like you, I research as best I can about things. Coco had tapeworms from ingesting a flea from this god awful place and that was when I had no job or loan! I researched homeopathic remedies which involved garlic, rosemary and other herbs which I got from the same brand that make his food (holistic blend) which killed the worms within in a week and the eggs within 2. That was much safer in my eyes than a vet bill over 100$ and some ingestible chemicals!!

Off topic! :p Good luck with little Oliver and I'm glad it seems to have cleared up. Will he let you gaze into his mouth with a light? Or feel for any swelling along the cheek bones, under the affected eye? Akina's did not show up as a problem for a couple weeks.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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