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what are the best toys?

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I just separated Leo and Oliva until they can be spayed and nuetered in a few months. Thanks for all the advice regarding that! We built another cube cage and they are side by side, each with two floors so they can smell and see each other. They also now take up what once was a huge master bathroom!:giggle:
I wanted to get them some new toys since they cannot play with each other anymore during thier free time outside the cage.
We made a big box with holes that they seem to love and have one rattle thing that the male likes to toss, any other good toys out there? should I only let them play with them during free time or leave some in the cage too? We do have some chew sticks and a straw house in each cage that they dig at and chew.....
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Diffrent bunnies like diffrent types of toys. My Barnaby loves stuffed animals, he carries them around in his mouth and sleeps with them. My Zeus on the other hand, has never played with a stuffed animal ever.

Some things that both of my rabbits enjoy are willow balls, baskets, pinecones (pinecones are safe for them even though pine bedding isn't), old phone books, crumpled up paper balls, and their flip and toss carrot (a toy carrot that rattles when they throw it around).

Homemade toys, or just simple things like paper towel or tiolet paper rolls, or old phone books for them to rip up are great toys because they're cheap and easy to find.

If you go to the pet store to look for toys for them, you can look in the bird section as well. I've gotten some wooden toys that were meant for birds and given them to my rabbits to play with and they liked those.

Some people give their rabbits baby toys, like those plastic keys and such. Just make sure they don't chew on the plastic to much.

My last suggestion that just a cardboard box, with a hole or two cut in it, can keep my rabbits entertained for hours!

You should give them toys both outside and inside their cage. Outside their cage they might not play with it as much because they can run around and explore. Inside the cage it's great to give them toys to help prevent them from getting bored.
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In the dog section of the pet store, I found a toy called "Calming Treat Capsule". You can open the capsule and put pellets in it. The capsule has holes in it that are just the right size for pellets, so your rabbit can roll it around to try to get the pellets. This toy is made of plastic, so make sure your rabbit does not eat the plastic, as Dragonrain has cautioned.
I am going to have to look for that capsule. That sounds really cool.

Penelope likes it when I put a cardboard box flat on the floor so she can shred it.
Penelope also likes to play with her fleece blankies. She scrunches up and smoothes it out and turns it into swiss cheese. Since there are no threads it's okay for her to chew on them.
They also like to rearrange things. Penelope has a "house" of cardboard boxes. There are 2 boxes that I have linked together. Penelope will move the boxes out. Teddy has a cat tent in his room. I find that out all over his room.
My bunny LOVES doggie toys!

We have a dog who, as a puppy, never played with his little toys and now that he's bigger, they are too small!

If you don't feel like spending any money, my bunny also enjoys playing with paper towel and toilet rolls, old phone books, old towels, cardboard boxes, and wood (without anything painted on it).

Hope you find some toys for them!
They actually have quite a few toys already. i guess i am being paranoid about their separation ( and guilty) so I wanted them to have more to entertain themselves. I sometimes think i work soley to support all my animals!!! What one bunny seems to like, the other has no interest in, but after reading here I guess that is normal. It seems now that they want to play with whatever was in the others cage and smells like their friend. Thanks for all the options! I think I will try to find that capsule one sounds cool!
One of my pairs of rabbits loved to play with toys until they were about 3 years old. Then they lost interest in toys and would rather do typical rabbit stuff, like digging. I have a bunch of those plastic white pails from buying cat litter for my cats. I think I might saw the bottoms off of them with a saw, and use them to create tunnels for my rabbits. If they urinate in them, I will be able to clean them. On the down side, it is more plastic.
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