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What are your bunnies names and breed?

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just trying to get to know all the other bunny lovers out there and the cute little bunnies!

mine is Benji, dwarf lop mix but he had one lop ear at the start and now both are up, so not so sure about the lop part :p
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I have two rabbits :). Elvis, a 10-year-old mixed breed of some sort, and Fiona, a 5-year-old French Angora (actually, thinking about it, I think she won't turn 5 for a couple of months).
Hey! :wavey:

I have 3 rabbits. All of them are 4 years old (My youngest just turned 4 on April 1st).

I have Barnaby, who is a tort lionhead. Berry who is my only female, and is a broken black holland lop. And then Ziggy, who is a broken blue holland lop.
Hello and welcome!! Some lops can maintain total or partial control of their ears so Benji's alright!! ^^ He's also super cute!!!
I currently have a 4 1/2 yr old sable point (I think) mixed dwarf. She's a little sass and we have developed quite the personality for her... ^.^
I have a 7 1/2 year old Dutch. :D Welcome to PT!

BTW, we should totally form a bunny Senior Citizens club. Maybe we can convince pet stores to give discounts for the elderly buns, LOL.
Owner of 4 bunnies

*4-5 yr old spayed Spotted Mix (white with gray and black spots) named Maxine

She came from a Bunny rescue- was rescued from a hoarder. Was pregnant, dirty, and very malnurished when they found her (babies died)
Now, she is a very moody 14lb female with PMS. But loveable....she LOVES her food.

*3 yr old neutered New Zealand (white with pink eyes)named Victor

Also came from Bunny rescue- dont know background. He was young when we adopted him.
He is very soft and very very loveable, but since we got our newest rabbit he has turned into a little devil who is obcessed with digging in his litterbox then flipping it over. LOL

*1 yr old un-neutered Tort-colored Holland Lop named Barney

Taken in from a breeder we met- couldnt find home for him and we couldnt resist as I had one JUST like him as a child.
He is very loveable and follows me everywhere. BUT he is a typical un-neutered rabbit- He tries to breed with anything and everything. LOL

*5 month old un-spayed grayish with brown markings flemish giant named Sam....aka Flemish. (of course never anywhere near our un-neutered male).

Taken in from another family who needed a home for her. So, I took her in too. As, I always wanted a flemish giant too. :) But no more after her!
She is still a fiesty little bunny just entering teenage years. But she is very loveable and VERY fast. impossible to catch when she needs to be rounded up at night. She runs around and stamps her foot at me!! LOL
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awe! they all sound like very lovely rabbits! :)
Well, we have 2 new family members! Just had to share....2 baby guinea pigs. One for each of my boys. As they have been wanting another since our beloved guinea pig 'gopher' passed away in February. He was the friendliest sweetest (and plump) little piggie ever. But then he suddenly started losing weight and a huge tumor appeared on his jaw. After many tears from my boys- we put him down. We knew he was suffering and is buried out back.

Anyways.... our new piggies are both males and successfully bonded in gopher's old cage. Now our current household count:
mommy and daddy
11 yr old and 7 yr old boys, 9 month old little girl
4 bunnies
1 chinchilla named chi chi- bought as father/son pair but son sadly died last fall :(
1 hamster (second one- Bob, passed away last my 7 yr old wrote in school after his passing "if I had one wish I would wish that no more animals will ever die. Its too sad."
And 2 baby guinea pigs- ralph, and some strange name from dragon ball Z cartoon. LOL.

soon as i figure it out, i will post pics of everyone!
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I have 2 Bunnies

3 1/2month old female Mini Rex (I think) named Speckle

4month old male Dwarf Hotot named Simon
My family (wife and two young daughters) are going to be picking up our 3rd and 4th Mini-Rexes next week. We currently have two does that are 3 years old.

The older ones are named Mae and Easter (Guess who named that one!)

We are going to name the two new additions Blueberry and Muffin.

Here are pictures of the two new ones:

Looking forward to gaining a lot of knowledge from this forum!


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welcome to paw talk! Your new bunnies are very cute :)
Aw they are such squishies!! I would seriously recommend you take them off wire flooring which leads to foot problems and possible nail injuries. I know a lot of people do it for convenience and their buttons fall through but its just not comfortable for bunnies with bottom heavy proportions. The way they sit on their hind legs makes wire flooring impractical for bunnies :/ But they ARE real cute! You can get outdoor hutches without wire flooring ^^
I used to put non-adhesive linoleom flooring or vinyl carpet runner on the bottom of my hutch. And a little rug or carpet for comfort (Make sure your buns won't eat the carpeting though, if you use that). ;)
Those pics were taken by the breeder. We aren't picking them up until next Friday. We put untreated wood in the bottom of our pens. I may try the carpet idea. Do you think rubber vinyl fooring would work too?
I'm not sure what rubber vinyl is, but as long as it's washable and non-toxic if they chew on it it should be fine. I have an exercise equipment mat in the bottom of Smudge's enclosure now, LOL.
We built a rabbit cage out of those wire storage cubes, it worked out well, took us a few days, but we've never built anything, so we made many mistakes. We used wood for the base and shelves and covered them with linolium, I put in a few small carpets and blankets for comfort and small kitty matts too, so far so good.

I'll post pictures as soon as I can.
I meant to say vinyl flooring. It is similar to linoleum but without the backing. I also have some carpet laying around so it might try that. Thanks for the ideas.
I'm not sure what rubber vinyl is, but as long as it's washable and non-toxic if they chew on it it should be fine. I have an exercise equipment mat in the bottom of Smudge's enclosure now, LOL.
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