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All you can really do is make a disaster plan & try to stick with it (if you can) in the event of a disaster. I know moving isn't always an easy option for some people. I'd personally love to move but it's just not something we're able to do right now.

I don't have an outdoor pond but when I had indoor tanks I had containers for all my fish, so that if I ever had to evacuate I'd have something to put them in and bring them with me. Whatever you use make sure to keep it somewhere easy to access so you don't have to go nuts looking for stuff in the event of an emergency.

The hardest part about fish is that you'd actually have to catch them to put them into the containers to evacuate them. I guess all you can do about that is hope that in an emergency that you have enough time to catch them before you need to get out of the area yourself. Again, any supplies you need to catch the fish make sure to keep it somewhere easy to access.

If it's a fire, a gas leak, or something like that then hopefully the pond is far enough from the house that they'll be okay. If it's something like a flood, it's been my experience that a lot of times you'll get some warning before a big flood. If they predict flooding or bad storms in your area and you think your pets might be in danger, maybe you could get them ready to evacuate before hand?
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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