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in my mini zoo i curently have:​
1. bubbles -- toy fox terrier (dog) (1)

2. peach, biscuit -- bearded dragon (reptile) (2)

3. squirt -- RES -- turtle (reptile) (1)

4. kelly, nelly -- leopard gecko (reptile) (2)

5. no names -- fire bellied toad (amphibian) (2)

6. no names -- rosy red minows (fish) (20+)

7. swimmy -- african clawed frog (amphibian) (4)

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I have in my mini zoo is 3 female rats all sisters.... there names ,pinky,monica,pheobe, and have one gerbil his name is harry, our new addition to our family is lucy a 5 month old springer spaniel x golden retreiver and she is a cutie i have put some pics on here.

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I have:

Odie, Charlotte, Valentina and Carolina - mutts (dogs) (4)
Moises and Compañia - budgerigars (birds) (2)
Kuzco, Runty, Bermuda, Mr. Black Guy, ******, Sauvignon, Weevil, Nicodemus, Dodongo, Nose, Deb, and Dori - gerbils (rodents) (12)
Genji - chinese hamster (rodent) (1)
Proteus - syrian hamster (rodent) (1)
Lisa, Manjula, Monterrey, Caramel, Bender, Dionne, Husky, Dictofima, Nickel ("Nicky"), Goldie, Ketamina, Meperidina, Mine, X, PC, Estrella, Opal, Sucar, Gizmo, Ralph, Applecheeks, Sprite, Neela, Picolli, Tigre, Palomino, Charm, Indua, Germaine, Kendra, Epona and some unnamed females... - mice (rodent) (37)
Algernon - rat (rodent) (1)
Funiculi - Red Eared Slider/Yellow Bellied Slider hybrid turtle (reptile) (1)
Cleopatra - leopard gecko (reptile) (1)
a synodontis, a pimodella catfish, an otocinclus, a corydora catfish, 2 Kuhli loaches, a spiny eel, a betta and a dwarf gourami - fish (30g fishtank)

That's it...

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My animals:

1 dog (Great Dane named Charlotte)
2 cats (The White One and Napoleon)
1 iguana (Gary...but my brother changes his name often)
2 degus (Jay and Silent Bob)


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They are listed in my siggy,but I will name them all now! :D

24 rats...
8 girls:


16 boys:

6 miceys:

~A male mouse...still unamed,have to find the perfect name!

A RES turtle named:Tanjobi and 2 leopard geckos:Bear and Mystta

And some fishies...2 fancy goldfish and 3 bettas!

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I havn't written out who's in my zoo for a while, so here goes....

1 Dog - Whizzer
1 Hamster - Miaka (Foster)
4 Rabbits - Baby, Jackpot, Aniseed & Bo
5 Degus - Bruce, George, Tiki, Pipa & Cici (3 are fosters)
24 Gerbils - Mercedes, Lexus, Jimmy, Dakota, Ranger, Marquis, Alero, Audi, Capri, Jetta, Solara, Malibu, Shelby, Caddilac, Peej, Magic, Monte & Carlo, Zippy, Tipsy & "The Little Women". (6 are fosters)
I also have 7 baby bunny fosters (Sara, Spencer, Jordan, Peaches, Cookie, Suzy Q and Lisa).

Grand Total of animals in my home right now (Drum roll please) = 42

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Mine are in my signature but I'll list 'em anyways.

-Two dogs (a Cocker Spaniel named Sophie and a Dachshund named Rocky)
-Four house rabbits (a Dwarf Hotot mix named Stash, a Californian named Sakura, a Havana named Elvis, and a French Angora named Fiona)
-Two degus (Hikaru and Ichigo...both sisters)
-Two Egyptian spiny mice (Isis and Osiris)
-One African Dwarf Frog (Kazuki)
-Some fishies (four neon tetras ((lost two recently)), two platies, three cory cats, and two a bunch I plan to buy next time I'm out ^_^)
-Some Malaysian Trumpet Snails

I usually have way more fish, hehe. I lost some because of a defective product *sigh*. And then I had a couple die from old age. Normally I would've gotten more fish to replace the ones I lost but I'm focusing on my saltwater tank right's still being set up.

Oh, and I'm buying another African Dwarf Frog when the store gets more in :).

I'll also list the pets that live in this house but aren't mine:

-One dog (a Cocker Spaniel named Bambi)
-Two bunnies (a Holland Lop named Kioko and a Polish Dwarf named Akiko)
-One Syrian hamster (named Alexis)
-Two land hermit crabs (named Rainbow and Sandy)

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1 Llama-Savanah
3 Fallow Deer-Bambi,Felisha,Felina
8 pygmy goats
8 Emu's
2 pot belly pigs
1 outside dog Dolly
2 min pins Jasmine and Cricket(inside)
1 pomeranian Kisses (inside)
1 boxer/pit bull mix Vortec(right now he is inside but will be an outside dog with Dolly)
3 outside cats Munchie,Momma,Angel (I get a few strays passing thru)
24 adult chinchillas and 4 babies
2 Guniea pigs
14 sugar gliders
8 rabbits
14 gerbils
30 plus mice
Whew I hope I got everyone

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1. Ein (rhymes with "mine"), tricolored Pembroke Welsh corgi with one floppy ear. Almost 2.5 years old.

2. Tucker, golden colored lab/pitbull or lab/hound mix. Two years old. Rescued from animal control.

3. Colleen, white factor sable & white rough collie. One and a half years old. Rescued from animal control.

4. Pikachu, standard grey chinchilla. Probably about a year and a half old.

5. Sage, degu. About three years old.

6. Basil, degu. About two years old.

7. Bugs, brown and white rabbit with one floppy ear. 7 months old.

8. Zephyr, turquoise beta fish who is going to be my work pet. Just got him about a week and a half ago.

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Okay, YESTERDAY I had one great dane and one cat.

Today I added four puppies, around 9 wks, three are Aussie mixes and one is a bonus. >.< They are ONLY being fostered, I SWEAR!

And tomorrow night I'll have two more dogs, just for the night while they're being transfered.

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Thats awesome Mel! I LOVE fostering,tis so rewarding and fun! Have fun with it.

I should be adding a new pet to my family next African giant millipede...after all these months,I am finally getting one!
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