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What is an Emergency?

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Here's a list (probably incomplete) of conditions considered emergencies in birds:

Take to a vet right away

- Persistent bleeding, including but not limited to: from a blood feather, feather follicle, vent, mouth or a wound

- Difficulty breathing (such as from exposure to Teflon fumes and blockage of the trachea)

- Fluffed or ruffled bird, either sitting on its perch or huddled on the bottom of its cage in a corner, poorly responsive to stimulus

- Egg binding (straining to pass an egg without success)

See a vet the same day

- Prolapsed tissue from vent (cloaca or oviduct)

- Not drinking for 24 hours

- Not eating for 48 hours

- Weakness such that the bird is unable to perch

- Burns

- Deep, penetrating wounds

- Cat bite or scratch, even if only suspected

- Fractured bones
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