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What kind of breed might Speckle be?

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Hello everyone!

I was wondering if you guys might have some ideas of what kind of breed Speckle is, I think she's a mini rex mix, or simply a rex mix. My friend gave her to me and so I really don't know (and my friend doesn't know) what breed she is, They told my friend she was a dwarf, but, when I took her to the rescue I was told she had the rex fur, so the lady told me she was a rex.

When I got her she was about 8 weeks old, she is still really small and she had small ears at about 3months, but now her ears are huge! yet she is still small and she's about 5months now.

Also, her fur was much more white, she has like black/dark tips and it makes her look kind of dirty, I've also noticed that she is getting more black fur on her ears which makes them look really dirty, it's strange.. does anyone have any ideas on her breed? I'll post pictures later.
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Hm, I need a couple of pictures with clear resolution. Generally you can tell with the rex fur because it's totally velveteen. The entire top coat is missing. If you brush your hand along the grain of the hair you should only get a couple somewhat curly and very fine hairs, none stick off like a regular coat rabbit. With Kaysh, my reg coat rabbit, I find running my hand against the grain produces an undercoat that is different than her top coat.

It is possible she could be a mix. But ear size does not really indicate breed. At least for mini rex, they're tall and skinnier than Acacia's. The face is more pointed and they are more prone to damaged hocks due to the lack of fur there.

anyway, post MOAR piccies!!! I always love the bunnies! (ps, my Akina was a pure mini rex. Check out her pictures and do some comparisons.)
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okay, so she probably is a rex or mini rex, she's definitely got the fur and she is skinny and her neck is definitely longer, compared to Simon she's a stick, she's small though, about 3 or 4lbs, I'll post pictures when I get home.
LOL Better be careful with her when she gets big! Akina was supremely obese when I got her. I had her on a diet for a couple months after getting her. She ate everything too, what a pudge she was. The dew lap was prominent (she used to dye it with her carrots and fruit) and she had a hard time staying at a good weight! lol
I think that the Rex's legs look a little more longer almost like hares, IMO. But the fur should feel very soft almost like chinchilla fur
Speckle has short fur and it doesn't shed like Simon, I'm pretty sure she's a rex mix, I just don't know if she's a mini, I would think so because she's so small, but maybe she'll get huge all of a sudden :(
How old is she? Rabbits grow pretty quickly. It's been awhile since I've raised young rabbits since all of mine I adopted when they where already adults, but usually rabbits are fully mature by 6 months - some smaller breed rabbits can be full grown even sooner than that.
Here are the pics!

she looks like a rex?

This what I mean when I saw she's getting black fur in her ears

She's small compared to Simon

This is a baby pic.
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in the pic with her snuggling the black eyed bunny she looks like a chinchilla, with bun ears hehe.

Sorry i can't help.
Aw, the coloring on her ears is just her coloring. She might be a chinchilla coat, but I'm bad with coloring. He fur looks soft but not velveteen so I doubt she's full breed rex, plus her ears are definitely not mini rex ears. Her head looks like a hare!! LOL She has curly-ish whiskers too, which is rex. She's very pretty!
Pet Rabbit Toys on facebook volunteers to take pictures of your rabbit and make a free video of the breed. Add them and post a picture of Speckle to see what mix she is. :D
So do you think she'll get bigger? I dont know, she seems to be a mix of a lot of things.
Love her baby pic. I think she may be mixed breed too. The fur is chinchilla unless you would call it something else because rabbits with blue eyes are a different category
Her eyes are kinda blue/grey, yeah. Simon has dark brown eyes, hers are very pretty.
Blue and red = no pigment. And judging that she probably came from a pet store she also probably came from a mill. It's hard to tell how big she'll get. Like Dragon (I think) said, bunnies are pretty much done growing at like 6 months. So you'll just have a dwarf mix like ME:D !!!! They're the funnest! You can bet your bottom dollar Speckle at least does not have Netherland dwarf, hotot, holland lop, lionhead or angora in her!!! lol I judge that based on her ears and fur type.

Do you mind if I go and look more into it?
She could have NZW in her judging on her ear shape and size. The only thing is, New Zealies are a large breed and Speckle may stay 5 lbs her whole life. I found this image link for you to judge, what do you think? I'm not sure how genetics work but maybe the largeness of NZW got bred out of her at the mill?
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