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What pet rodent should i get?

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i really want a pet rodent but im not sure which rodent is right for me. i have owned guinea pigs and i currently own a naked mouse called streaker :] i love any type of rodents but please exclude rats,hamsters and rabbits. please tell me which pet rodent is best and if you could also add pro's and con's that would be great :] thank you
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I think gerbils are the best pet rodents because:
1) they don't bite (unless they have been dropped or mishandled previously), 2) they are not nocturnal (therefore they're awake and ready to play when you are),
3) they are best bought in same sex pairs. The more the merrier and they keep each other company when you are too busy to play with them,
4) they don't suffer from many ailments. They usually only get sick when they're old (around 3 years of age) and then that's just because they are at the end of their lifespan,
5) they are fun to watch because they love to chew and are always busy when awake,
6) they are easy and relatively inexpensive to care for. There are some really fun habitat choices out there for them and they eat standard gerbil food and some fruits and vegetables. I had a budget of less than $5 a week for mine.
Well, if you already have a mouse and you want to exclude rats, then this forum, the Rat and Mouse forum, is probably not where you want to be. You can try the Gerbil/Hamster forum if you need more info on gerbils.

Since you said you wanted to exclude rats, rabbits or hamsters and you want something different aside from guinea pigs and mice which you have had already, I am not sure what else is left for you to pick from aside from gerbils. ???

Again, this is the RAT and MOUSE forum.
Well, rats are the best. I have had gerbils, hamsters, dwarf hamsters, mice, guinea pigs, and rats. The rats are by far my preference, even though I love them all. The rats are affectionate, extremely intelligent, clean, and lovable.

I'd pick gerbils second.

Also, like the others said, this might be the wrong place to post if that's what you're excluding.
Can I ask WHY you want to exclude rats? Also rabbits are not rodents! They are lagomorphs...:D

Rats are wonderful pets and I have to say def' some of the best pets you could own. I have had several different kinds of animals and rats top them all.

I have a gerbil now and she is super friendly and really active. Gerbils are good pets too if your up for a high strung animal that chews a lot. I find gerbils chew a lot more then any other rodent. But they are fun little pets! :) Gerbils are social and you should have two of them. The only reason mine is alone right now is that her sister died and I have not gotten another one.
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