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Hi, I was wondering if anyone knew what kind of plants might be safe to plant in an aquarium for mice? I was a given a very large ( @ 18 inches tall, 4.5 feet long) aquarium and i want to fix it up for my mouse girls. I want to try potting soil and put in some plants for them, any suggestions? what about strawberry plants or herbs?

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I have never given my mice live plants,except grass.
You can get grass seeds and grow them in your home,safely and then give it to the mice. They nibble on it and use it for nesting.

I am not aware of any other plants that are safe for mice...but that is possibly because I am not an expert on plants. And have a severely brown thumb.

EDIT: just did research and came up with nothing...sorry. Good luck. Maybe someone else knows?

You can decorate their cage in other ways though...they like ladders,ropes, climbing things, cardboard boxes and tubes...etc,etc.

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Well I do not know much about this either. I do know that if you are not sure on a plants safety, then do not use it.
Avoid, of course, obvious bad plants like these:
Also, Holly. Almonds and Apple seeds/skin (contains cyanide). Acidic fruits and veggies, ect...
I myself would aviod aswell wild plants that ooze when broken. As those are normally not safe.
Hope this helps. :)
Oh, and you can try getting some millet and other types of bird seeds and plant them to give your mice the sprouts.
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