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What to look for in a groomer

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So we moved in with the boyfriend's grandma because she isn't doing too well and...well her boyfriend isn't so cool about us washing the dogs in the tub methinks. On top of that, Luna is looking scruffy and last time I tried to strip her, she looked like she was electrocuted then shaved by a wild something. It was not fierce one bit :lol:

I looked at some self serve places that I could take everyone and then just have Luna stripped but all are far away except one...where the owner is a jerk (but her associates...very nice. Owner's giant dog runs the place.) The family owned places are MUCH cheaper than Petco/Petsmart from what I hear so....

Anyway, years ago we used to go to this vet clinic to have our dogs groomed. My dogs at the time seemed to like it there so they are on my list of places to call. Another place I pass up (called Doggie Style) was rated best groomer in the entire city!!! Also hear prices are awesome. I think most people avoid it because of the name and the fact that it is a hole in the wall surrounded by churches. The next one is where my boyfriend's grandma takes Beau (called Pinkie Poo.) My vet clinic also does grooming but haven't heard much about them.

I will be visiting all of these places Tuesday (except for the old vet clinic...I have been there) and so far, the only thing on my list is to make sure Luna is mostly STRIPPED with minimal scissoring at all times. Is there anything else I should look for?

Also if anyone has tips on getting my dogs ready for the groomer. We don't go because Loki throws a tantrum, Luna is a chicken, and Spyro is an even bigger chicken. Last time we took Spyro in, he kinda crapped all over the groomer :ashamed:
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Maybe you can ask for people's testimonial, specifically on persons and not on store itself.
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