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We will do anything for our dogs right!? Well I entered in this contest not thinking we had much chance. But in our group we are 4th of around 50 dogs. They reduce the group to top 5 today and competition continues t....we need to be #1 by next round to stay in the contest!

Ripper in his past home...was listed on Facebook to re-home. I saw the post and felt for the little guy. He had bitten a child and I felt he likely would not get any takers to love him. Low and behold...a few weeks later he was found about 20 miles from his original hometown in a cornfield near us. I am NOT in good enough health to keep/train such an active aggressive dog. He has been in my home since tho... My daughter suggested he would be perfect at Flyball and a friend and daughter has helped us to get him involved. It has done SO much for him to have a job. He is passionate about flyball!

Today he is fine with others handling him in his sport activities where he used to be nippy. He loves when people come to visit (as long as they arenwill to play tug for a bit) And more importantly he is great with my grand kids. He has come so far, and deserves this win for his work!

Won't you consider a vote....or even a daily vote till its done? Thanks for reading this far!

Vote here! Vote for Ripper to be in Dogster or Catster Magazine and take home a $5,000 cash prize!
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