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What you all have been waiting for!.... well at least Charlene :D

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Just a video of Dartanion & I first jumping with only a bridle then tackless :D I still have a rope because his stops are not that great with my seat yet. It's probably me... we need to work on that but hehe he works so hard. Don't you love all my commentary?? lol
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ahh. Isn't it a wonderful feeling to be able to trust your horse that much?
I remember when I first started riding my mare like that.

Awesome jumps, my mare isn't the smoothest jumper, so I rarely jump her bare back. x]

Anyway, you have a beautiful horse! Absolutely stunning!
Awwe, Fae . . . You have made me SO happy! The two of you look awesome together as always. D is beautiful. I had no idea he had so much coloring. He is beautiful. I'm used to seeing him with a saddle on! LOL. O.K., now I am waiting on the pictures of him without saddle on to show off somemore of that beautiful horse! The two of you never cease to amaze me. I'm still not brave enough to ride without a bridle. The day will come again though. I've got the right horse now, so look out! hee hee. And I just know that if you were here, it would happen sooner. LOL. We would be scary together. Hee hee. You could teach me all kinds of new things. You are a good trainer. Keep safe. And keep those pictures and videos coming. I love them.
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