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what's the cut off age of syringe feeding

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I have had four pd"s for about a month. They live outside but I do bring them in
one or two at a time at night to spend time with them. They are warming up and
getting better. I just got three more yesterday who are very scared. They are in
a temporary cage in my room. The three new ones came from S&S exotics by plane.
They are this years babies, all 7 of them. My question is: would it help in
bonding to hand feed them? If so, what would I feed six month pd'????. What's
the latest age it does any good.???
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When i got mine this year he was about 10weeks and my first PD. I know much much younger than yours but he was already eating solids on his own but i wanted to hand feed him as it helps with bonding. So i fed him baby food warmed up a little in a small syringe. I mixed fruits and veggies together. Carrots of course and any fruit that i thought he would like. he loved it, and the other day i found an unoped jar of mixed veggie baby so i thought i would see if he would still eat it. As he eats just about anything you put in front of him he ate a couple spoon fulls and he is somewhere around 6months old now. So i would say give it a try. I think it helped in my bond with murphy.
thank you so much for posting. i'll try a baby food and see how that goes. There's two of mine that I think would benefit from that.
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