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Hello Earthling
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So... out of boredom and curiosity what your pet list. I mean what pets do you want or really like and wish you could have etc...

I have a hugish list ... ha ha ha what am I talking about, I have a binder of pets i would like.

These are pets I know I can get in Canada (Canadian Breeder Site)... so here it goes:
-short tail opossum
-stepping lemming
-rabbit (had one would like to have another)
-guinea pig
-sugar glider
-hedgehog (had one would like to have another)
-hamster (had one that lived to be almost 5 , would like to have another)
-Richardson's ground squirrel
-African door mouse
-zebra mouse
-spiny mice
-bushy tailed jird
-African pygmy mouse
-desert pocket mice

And thats not even the whole list theirs still birds and stuff but I'll post that later. So what do you want?
( I doubt I'll ever have half this list ha ha ha )

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I have a giant list as well, but I can't even begin typing it at the moment. xD I'm at the library and have a limited timespan to be on the internet. =P

If I could, and if it would ever be possible (which it won't, of course. Probably illegal and just can't be done) I'm love to have an African Wild Dog as a pet. They are so cool. =D

Can't Stop Touching Her Eyes
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A miniature donkey! I really want one of those -actually you need to have at least 2 so I would like to have 2 or 3.
And one day I would like a russian hamster.
Oh and maybe a HUGE bunny. I love my buns but they are all 4 pounds and under. I want a BIG bunny.

Resident Aquarium Nerd
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Here are a few creatures I'd love to keep:

-Sugar Gliders
-Southern Flying Squirrels
-Short-Tailed Opossum
-Mouse Opossum
-Zebra Mice
-Deer Mice
-Richardson's Ground Squirrel
-Prairie Dog
-Kinkajou (ONLY if one came up in rescue...I would never support a "breeder")
-A kazillion dart frog species I don't want to list, haha
-Red-Eyed Treefrog
-Chahoua Gecko
-Gargoyle Gecko
-Ball Python
-Corn Snake
-King Snake
-Fly River Turtle
-Bearded Dragon
-Mali Uromastyx
-Hundreds more Crested Geckos, hehe
-Miniature Horse
-A cat. Seriously. I can't have one because my mom is allergic.
-Button Quail
-Countless fish species (some that stand out are African Ropefish, German Rams, Volitan Lions, Radiata Lions, Porcupine Puffers...)

But the majority of these animals I wouldn't keep unless they needed to be rescued. I wouldn't buy some deer mice or a skunk from a petstore or anything. Some of those species shouldn't really be bred to be pets IMO.

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alotta different kinds of dogs
a donkey/ mule - big enough i could ride
several more cows
several more goats
several more sheep
a tortise
a cockatoo
a mackaw
a parakeet
armidillo lizard
a pencil urchin
salt water hermit crab
guinea pig
and many more

Dinky Corsetkisser
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hmmm someday I want to own a big ranch...with all the farm critters...I guess more than anything I would love to start a rescue of retired, abused or abandoned horses or/and other farm animals...but there is no real list for me lol...I am happy with what I have till I have alot more room...

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I really really want some dogs! Chris and I already know what kinds we want when we can get them (probably when I graduate) and I've already found breed rescues where we can get them from.

I also want more bunnies, of course.

I want either sugar gliders or southern flying squirrels. Sugar gliders are illegal in the state I'm in right now. Southern flying squirrels aren't, but I haven't yet been successful in finding any breeders in this state.

Chris really wants to have a huge lizard setup and keep rankins dragons, so we'll probably try to get a few of those if we can find a breeder.

And lastly, also when I move, I would love to set up a few fish tanks. I'm thinking a female betta tank, and maybe another for dwarf puffers.

Will It Ever Change?
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my pet list is short, due to allergies that I and my Pat have. i'd totally get a flemish giant rabbit but rabbits are the reason I even have asthma. I'd get a cat but it's the reason Pat has asthma lol. i'll eventually have some micies again. i'd love a ferret, again allergies tho. when my ratties pass on, i'm totally getting degus again, gosh i miss my girls and their hilarity. so quirky yet i understood them so well, i love their noises. dogs are a must. one day we'll be able to afford one. our dream dog is a beagle like Porthos on Sat Trek: Enterprise lol. Our first dog probably won't be a beagle, they're expensive to find. our first dog will likely be a free to a good home, has to be a puppy so we can train and bond together. we were thinking the other day that after christmas we might be able to handle getting one.
I'd also like to have a big tank with frogs and or toads....when i have a house in 15 years lol. i LOVE frogs, they're my fave creature that's not a bear or deer.

a chin would be cool, but again, the more fur the more allergies. frankly of all the creatures in the world, i miss my degus. the only creature i've had that i could put on the floor and count on them not to chew wires, And they'd go back into their cage on their own, i never had to chase them around. and they'd come see me while running around, as if to say "hey why arent' you running around with us?" lol.

Guarded by Waffles
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I too want to have a rescue for abandoned and neglected animals. I love the donkeys and horses. Goats and sheep are cool too. There is no real list for me...I just love animals. I guess the list I have is this:

A zebra or two

I guess that is all for me. I hope I can one day start a rescue but with me and James, and us supporting his parents, I doubt it

Dinky Gerbilelbow
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I would love a GIANT house rabbit aswell as more rabbits to go with the 2 i already have lol i really want a lionhead and a dwarf lop!
I wouldnt mind a few more rats either and another cat or 2 and a STAFFY dog!! I am desperate to get a staffy i LOVE them!
I wouldnt mind having a huge tropical fish tank with angelfish and various other fishies in plus i would like to have guinea pigs (never had one :( ) and a little farm with horses.pigs,sheep,goats,ponies,birds and parrots galore etc!!

Ideally i would have a massive house with acres of land that i could have all the animals my heart desired on!!!

I Wish I Were a Snot Ball Shooter
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My future pets (I hope) will be:

some sort of snake - maybe a couple

a sulcatta tortoise (provided I'm able to have a proper yard for one)

a bearded dragon

a senegal parrot

a red-fronted macaw

it goes without saying I'll have more doggies when my boys pass on

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I surprise myself, I've never really been interested in rabbits and ferrets.. hmm .. is there something wrong with me? In fact, I think I'd love to love them.. I just don't >.< I'm not much of a big reptile/fish/amphibian type either.. definitely no snakes, they belong outside in the wild where I don't have to see them eat. (not that snakes eating is bad, I just don't want to watch) Here is my list of mammals :)

Richardson ground squirrel
Prairie dog
More gerbils (this is the first 3 months of my life I have not had one, literally)
a million different breeds of dogs... I'm definitely a dog person.
I've always liked the thought of having a normal squirrel..."Rhapsody" makes me jealous...Though I'd never take a squirrel out of the wild unless it couldn't survive.
I'd love to have miniature horses one day.
And just about everything else with fur I see :)

Hello Earthling
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wow great lists.

Adding on to mine...
-mini donkey and horse
-regular sized horse and donkey
-a few different types of snake and lizards
-a great dane
and more but I dont have time now... but one more thing... I want a pet that looks like a big hunk of cheese... yes I said "cheese" ha ha ha

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I forgot to put a monkey and perhaps an exotic fox or two on my list.

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Ummm...lets see:
~Corn snake
~Ball python
~Tarantulas (a few different species)
~Emperor scorpion
~Desert hairy scorpion
~Another African giant millipede (I am currently looking for a buddy for my girl)
I am hoping to have one or more of the above critters in the near future.

I really want a guinea pig and may be getting one this week!

I would also love farm animals (I am in the city tho) like cows,chickens,goats and a horse or two.

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There isn't really much i want that i haven't already got :lol:

Sugar Gliders
And if money and space was no object a group of lemurs ;)

My dream was to own a skye terrier which finally came true this year but would love more skyes and possibly a bassett griffon vendeen :D to complete my doggy family :D
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