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My life long goal is to open an animal rescue for urgent but adoptable animals. One of my main targets? Mustangs!!

Heres the thing. I started riding when I was...oh 15ish...16...when I took a summer job cleaning for lessons. Then my parents started arguing and it became a contest (the better parent takes her.) Well they BOTH stopped. Needless to say, I lost the job. A job that I now found out could have helped me get in school :mad2:

Then I started helping out another lady. I took the bus to her ranch and helped her groom and rehabilitate horses (mostly abused) which was AWESOME. Only issue was that apparently there were no student bus passes for summer (which I didn't know) and I didn't have $100/month to dish out for the bus.

So that leaves me where I am now. I'm thinking about dishing out for lessons again just to catch up on skills (although honestly everyone I know teaches me a different way to ride.) After college, I'd like to reward myself with a new friend. Of course I'm not going to be looking for any green horses then...maybe just an older one. Just wondering if anyone has gotten a green horse. When were you ready? What was it like?
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