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Where to buy cage accessories/platforms?

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I especially want some more platforms to make better use of my cages' heights. Where do you guys get your shelves, toys, platforms, etc?
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There are lots of different sites out there if you want to get things online, or did you want to get items in person, at a local store?

I usually purchase my boys' cage accessories from Drs. Foster and or sometimes PetSmart. I rarely if ever physically go into pet stores to buy items actually.

I have also done very well buying certain types of toys (not to mention awesome fabric items/blankets, etc) for my rats at local thrift stores, like Goodwill. You would be amazed at what you can find for your rats in the toy section or the "dog/cat" section.

There are also some awesome small family run type websites that sell lab blocks, hammocks, toys, cage accessories, but for the life of me, I can't remember some of the names. Can anyone help me out here? Something like that?
The Rat Shop! :lol:

Here's a link. It's the site I always used to buy my Harlan Teklad blocks.
Augghhh!! LOL! I always forget the naaaame! I am going to get a cyber slap from Breyer for this! :D

The Rat Shop, of course! Same place I used to get my Harlan Teklad blocks from too. Maybe I think the name is harder than it is. I never remember how simple the name is. Le Maison de Rat? Rats Are Us? :D

By the way Breyer, since you are on this thread....right now our boys are on Harlan Teklad 2018 because the rat rescue we adopted them from sells 2018 and we thought, "How easy is that? We can buy a couple of bags of this for our kids and no shipping, etc." but if I remember right, is about 8 months the proper time to switch them to the lower protein block, like 2016?

I believe that was what I used to buy for Klausse and Wolfgang from the Rat Shop. Could not remember the good time period to switch them over to the lower protein though. We still have about half of a five pound bag left of the 2018 and the boys are getting close to 4 months. Still young.
Yes, eight months is a good time to switch over. I had mine on 2014 once they reached 8 months. :D

(BTW, we've been looking at ratties in our area now, but we are probably not going to get any for a while until we meet some people here, and know who might be willing to look after them for us when we have to travel. Tough not having the little guys anymore, but we have saved all of Stan and Russ's stuff and are looking forward to the future when we have more rats!)
Excellent plan, thanks Breyer. :)

You and Tony are VERY smart rat people. I applaud your decision to wait and plan carefully before getting new babies. I totally agree.

There are SO many people out there who do spur of the moment rat adoptions without planning ahead or being prepared, and of course you and Tony are such awesome rat parents, that you want to make sure everything is set up for getting new babies before rushing out to get new kids. Marc and I were like that too.

I wish more people thought it out beforehand! It makes for happier ratties, eh?
Thanks, guys! This gives me plenty to look through.
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