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Which of these breeds would you recommend to an educated beginner?

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I don't have a bunny YET, but I am in the process of finding one. I chose to adopt, because, well, it just seems like the right thing to do. I have considered mini lops, holland lops, and lion heads as all possibilities for my new pet.

As of right now, I am talking to two different people who are trying to find new homes for their rabbits.

One is a male black mini lop, aged 1 year, adorable (as all buns are), and not neutered.

The other is a brown/orange/white male holland lop, aged 1 1/2 years, again -- adorable, and not neutered either.

They have both been described as friendly.

Both appear to have been well-cared for.

I plan to have whatever rabbit I adopt spayed/neutered.

I have been doing a lot of research in my several-month search for a pet rabbit, but I feel like nothing is better than the advice of people who actually have experience, so here it goes --

In your opinion, for a first-time, but educated rabbit owner -- is it a better idea to go with the mini-lop, holland lop, or lion head?
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It really is the personality that counts, not the breed. I would make my decision based on that more than anything else. ;)

The only thing I would keep in mind is that those breeds can be a little more prone to health problems. Lops tend to get ear infections easier, and dwarf breeds tend to have more teeth problems because of the shape of their head. Not saying that they for sure will have problems and other breeds won't, but it's just a little more common for those guys.
Why not set up meetings with both owners and meet the bunny. Keep an open mind for adopting both:p Good luck!
congrats on looking at bunnies especially adopting an older one! I agree go off the personality! Good luck can't wait to see pictures!
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