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Who believes?

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I have recently gone on a ghost investigation with a paranormal team. I've kept in touch with the leader and founder and she's been great and very professional. We got a lot of results so if you're interested the website is

The founder does readings for anyone interested. If so message me and I'll get you the details to get in touch with her! I had so much fun! Look for the results soon
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Oh I totally believe! (thanks for the shout out Amanda! :D). I have had way too many experiences and unexplainable things happen to me/around me for me to not believe.

My house is over 30-35+ years old and I am aware of at least ONE death here...a man who overdosed on pills. However I have heard women voices here before too,a woman's laughter,was on the phone with mom once and a staticky woman voice was coming through and one of my friends heard voices here before too. That is not even half of the stuff that has happened here.

And it is not only this house,I have experienced things at friend's houses,our old house and other the War Memorial,where I have a very distinctive face of a soldier in the picture.

So yeah,I am a believer.

I really wish I could find a ghost hunting team here in St.Johns,since this city is very old and has a lot of would be neat.

And Amanda - I remember you mentioned that senior thing before...that is weird,since normally seniors are not out that late and if they are...usually only in pairs and not silent like that.
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I know!! Maybe we should start up our own! Get the first Canadian government sanctioned Intangible Culture Heritage Officer, Dale Jarvis on the case! He's got people, he could probably make it happen. Though, since he's a folkorist he might not be interested in exploring. He's probably most interested in personal experience narratives. Blah, we could totally do it though! It would be like girly ghost hunters!!!!
Haha! That would be cool! I'd love to explore some old buildings and houses and we all know St.Johns sure has a lot of stories. Well I messaged Dale and will see what he says...just gotta wait for a reply.

I tried Google,but it kept bringing me to "The Haunted Hike" and that was not exactly what I was looking for...:giggle:
Aww,ghost hammies!? Cute! I have a picture somewhere with what appears to be a dog peering in my window...thing is,the window was like 3 stories up and there was NO way for a dog to be up there. Every now and again I "think" I hear a wheek,which stops me what I am doing to listen...I no longer have guinea pigs,so I always wonder if their spirits still linger here.

Oh and just yesterday my almost 7 yr old daughter told me she hears ghosts in her room at night. I asked her if she was dreaming and she said "no,she is awake at these times". I asked her what the voices say and she says she don't know,but she don't like hearing them and last night she told me she hopes she don't hear voices...o_O.

A lot of things have happened in this house,but I rarely talk about them because people think I am nuts, crazy or lying. So I keep most things to myself,because I KNOW what I hear/see/experience and it really doesn't matter if anyone believes me or not,since I know what is real.
Still neat though!

I think I posted that picture here years ago...I will see if I can find it. Of course everyone thinks I am insane,but oh well. I have a picture of a ghostly soldier too.

Haha,I know right!? Chloe will be 7 in June. Kids grow FAST.

Oh wow...what a weird dream! I'd be freaked out too.
I never had any dreams where my animals talked to me,but I had plenty of rat dreams where my rats were having purple,green,blue & pink babies or where I would walk into the rat room to find all of my rats dead or tortured...those kinds of dreams scare me...
I did a search and found the thread...

I think you may of joined a few months after I posted joined in 2007...June I think,but this thread was posted in February 2007. Ugh...forgive the crappy picture of me...I look so different now! Lets just focus on the face in the window,shall we!? :hehe: ;)

I am always curious to know what dreams mean...I don't know how to analyze them.

I used to be a skeptic about ghosts/spirits...but there has been too many things for me to NOT believe.
I just read some of that thread and that was at my OLD apartment...I am not there now. I am at a new place (well not exactly new...been here almost 4 yrs) now.

Anyways...sorry for the thread hijack!! :D
Funny how it took you guys awhile...I spotted it the very first time I loaded the pictures,because I had a series of these pictures taken and in ALL of them the window was clear. Only in this one was there a face,so I spotted it dead on.
Oh, wow it took me a while to pick it out but I had a different memory of the picture I think. o_O That is definitely a German Shepherd. And it's very strange how close up a GS would be to our 3 story house?? None of our neighbors had GS that I can remember and besides it would never have been possible for it to hover close to a 3 story window o_O I gots the goosebumps now, thanks
And yeah I know...nobody in the area had a GSD,but even if they did...there was no way for it to get up eves or roof on that side or anything. No tree...nothing for a dog to stand on and peer in.
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