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Why do people put down mixed breed dogs from rescues

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Why is that people have no problem getting a mixed breed dog from a breeder or some ad site but when there are about 1 million mixed breed dogs in the shelters across the universe and they turn the other cheek. I got everything worked out from the problems with my so-called friends and now i am fostering a mixed breed dog that came from a high kill shelter in the states and if the people didnt rescue him that i am fostering him for he would have gotten put down. Do people not realize that these dogs see a vet, get a micro-chip and or tattoo, all its shots up to date(if the right age to get them all) as well as being fixed you can never guarantee with dogs from a back-yard breeder or from one of these ad sites. Do people not realize that these dogs deserve a second chance as much as these other dogs that people usually just want to make a dollar off of. The rescue i work with the adoption fee goes to getting someone to take time out of their day while they work full time jobs and do this as well to go to the states and mexico to rescue these dogs and they are soley non-profit. I sometimes want to bash people over the head for being incompitant just because they ended up at the shelter doesnt mean they are bad dogs. My dog harley is a rescue and his old owner moved to no pet housing he WAS not trained, didnt pee outside, didnt even know his name and my foster dog right now he lived in a apartment with an old couple and he was use to peeing and pooping on cemente the only thing he is not good with is younger children and bigger dogs. I love purebred dogs as much as the rest but people really should give rescues a chance.
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yeah rescue dogs are awesome!! i have fostered and trained alot of them. many people want to get a cute little puppy. they dont realise just how loving and adorable an adult dog can be. i started volunteering at the shelter when i was 12 (youngest age you could volunteer with out being required to have a parent/other form of adult with you) the shelter i work at tries very hard not to put animals down but they often dont have enough time or staff to bath and groom every animal as thuroghly as to attract future owners and families. i generally was in there grooming the dogs that had long fur and looked like they needed it the most, my mom has always had a love for poodles and thinking it would be fun i started grooming the ones she had. im pretty good at it doggie makeovers now. some of the trimming required breeds that looked and smelled like rather large dround sewer rats ended up looking like a totaly different dog after all the hours of bathing and trimming. i also worked with obedience training for them to. its such a happy experience when you start with a dirty, malnutritioned, untrained, dog and end up with a healthy, loving, well adjusted one. ^_^
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I wish everyone could see how great rescue dogs are. But you are completely right about them wanting a cute and adorable puppy(not always but im sure some of the time they end at the shelter because they were to much work) but another persons trash is another persons treasure(as my dog proved. not sure how to word that is a doggy term) there is a dog that is at the rescue i foster for and the poor guy has a weird foot even though there is nothing wrong with him(he even saw two vets) except he may get artheritis when he gets a bit older and i hope someone will be able to look past that and see a gorgeous looking boy who deserves a home. It is very hard to find people who are willing to take time out of there day to volunteer to help these dogs. Well that is great that you volunteer your time as well as foster and train them.
i am afraid my days of constant volunteering and fostering are over. when i lived at my parents house and was home schooled i had the time and a big back yard that made all this possible. but i have now started college/uni and live in a small apartment. the only pets i have time and space for are my two adorable female rats. they are also rescues but im not fostering them. they will be taken care of for the rest of their lives by me. i still visit the shelter as often as i can and help out with cleaning and exercizing the dogs but not nearly as much as i would like.
all 5 of my dogs are rescues, and the same with my cat and my parrot. I like mixed breeds though only 2 of mine are mixed (chi/min pin and Chow/collie) the others are just some that i fell in love with. if I could foster I definately would but I judt have to settle for volunteer with working in one of the shelters, my pomeranian would have been put down because he was so aggressive with people i got a few bites from him but after a week he was so attached to me. I love all of my animals
Sadly, Just like a lot of unwanted children in the states. People don't want older dogs, they want puppies. People don't realize how special and loving and older dog can be. They also don't realize that purebreds are prone to illness and disease due to inbreeding, they think a dog is better because it's purebred which simply isn't true. Mix breeds make the best pets and it's sad that people didn't see it.
it would be nice to know genetics though :( My lab mix is a rescue, he has horrible hips and i don't think will make it many more years, he is only 5 would have been nice to know that his parents probably had bad hips too. Oh well I have loved him more than anything for the last 5 years.

I really would like to adopt soon but i have to wait a year, so i am done with school i will get an animal.

I would have adopted an iguana, but for my first iguana i wanted a baby that didn't have health issues yet, as most rescue ones are in horrible shape. MBD and been feed horrible diets, it is sad, but iguanas are a lot to take on healthy let alone sick and already big and untrusting. I won't get an iguana again i don't think. (granted they are supposed to live 20 years + and i could change my mind.)
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