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Why fix you Cats

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Why Fix your Cat

Why should I fix my cat? Why should I take away their ‘manhood’? Ummm… simple for a smart minded owner, there’s already hundreds and hundreds of cats that are homeless and many of those will be put to sleep because irresponsible ‘owner’ won’t get their cats fixed and let them outdoors knowing that, their cat could and most likely will come home pregnant.

Every time a new little of kittens is born more cats and kitten have to die, just because theirs not enough room for them, because more and more cats and kittens are coming into shelters daily. From being dropped of by their ‘owners’ or picked up of the street and the unlucky ones that are thrown out with the garbage or thrown from a moving car.

If an owner was a true animal lover they would take the time to save the money to have their pet fixed and to find a place to do it. There and many places that will offer discounts and payment plans. In the mean time people should keep their unfixed cats indoors no matter how big a mess they make or how annoying they become it’s the price you have to pay because they aren’t fixed.

So please don’t let you cats breed and add to the pet over population. Stop breeding cats for money. Stop selling cats. Don’t run a cattery. Especially when you know about how many cats and kitten there is out in the world with no home, no chance.


Don't let more cats and kittens like Sumaii or Kaede (R.I.P) peace die because you don't want to take the time and have your pets fixed.

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Good post.
Lovely post. :)

A while ago, on Yahoo! Answers, there was this person in Wisconsin who had a 5 litters if kittens, plus all the moms, the females who weren't pregnant, and the males. The 'owner' asked if anyone wanted to adopt a kitten, and every single answer was from someone saying you need to get them fixed. The 'owner' 's only excuse was that they didn't have enough money to get them fixed, and we should leave him alone because he doesn't care if they're fixed or not.
Needless to say, I was angry.

The person deleted both questions because everyone was telling him what he didn't want to hear. I feel bad for those poor cats, and hopefully they'll find a decent home.

totally agreed... nice post...
what happened to Sumaii and Kaede?? :(
great post...people here just never do it, they let all their cats roam and take no responsibilty for them, thats why I have a front yard full of babies lol...I have fixed all 4 babies and the dad, but mommy is proving to be hard to catch, she won't go in the traps and although will stay in my general area and watch me, she will not let me touch her...just breaks my heart to go to the spca and see every cage full of babies and mommies...ughhh
Thanks everyone

what happened to Sumaii and Kaede?? :(
Sumaii's fine but Kaede passed away a while ago. I was using them as an example because everyday shelters have to PTS cats a kittens because theirs just to many and not enough room in the shelter or enough foster homes for them.
This reminded me.
My old friend's mom goes through cats like clean underwear! :(

I knew them for many yrs and it seems each yr they have 1 or 2 different cats.They don't fix them,the cats get out,come back pregnant and have kittens.She keeps a kitten,tries to find homes for the rest and then something happens to the older cats.The kitten she kept grows up,gets pregnant and the cycle starts over.

She literally does not have any cat past 1 yr!
Recently me and mom went to visit,I am not really friends with the daughter anymore (we drifted apart due to different interests and whatnot) but mom is still friends with this woman.We went over and to my suprise,she now has two other cats,but they are males...not females.However they are not fixed and she lets them out,so they are still causing issues to the overpopulation!

We have mentioned it to her a number of times and she don't have an interest it seems in getting them fixed.Her excuse: she can't afford it.
I think that is a really good post. It explains why you SHOULD get you pet fixed.
Unfortunately, ...I think you are "preaching to the choir" here. Most all of us feel the same as you. The problem is reaching the ones who don't.

Unfortunately, ...I think you are "preaching to the choir" here. Most all of us feel the same as you. The problem is reaching the ones who don't.

True, but anyone who come on here will see it.Unfortunately it's hard to get to the people who won't listen.
Yeah,there are the people out there that claim they cannot afford spaying/neutering or the ones who think it's un-natural...blah,blah,blah!
You scared me - I thought something happened to Sumaii.
Glad to hear she is okay.
thank you so much for posting this i work at a humane shelter and sadly we do put to sleep kittens at the shelter because there are WAY too many and not enough homes for them its so sad it brakes my heart its always the same excuse i can't afford it or its ok because kittens ALWAYS find homes what a bunch of crap no sadly they don't and even if they did that would be an adult cat that could have been placed that now needs to be put down in thier place :( :(:( :(
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