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Why is my parakeet so shy?!?!?

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my parakeet Fiji, whom I purchased at the pet store last week, is about six months old but is insanely shy. He still hasn't chirped, squawked, or anything. he mainly sits on one perch all day, except when he moves to get food, then returns to his "comfort perch". He wont come out of the cage at all, no matter what I try.

my last parakeet was a handfed one, and opened up to me and my family almost instantly, so I really don't know what I should be expecting. additionally, my parakeet has extremely huge feet, and he is fairly small. But his feet are a purpley color most of the time. Could this be a circulation problem???????????:confused:
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give him time like all pets coming into a new home it takes time to adjust.
From a guy who does a lot of rescues, patience is a must. I deal a lot with primates and sometimes it can take up to a year to form any kind of bond with them. If you suspect that there is a physical problem with your pet the best advice is to take him to a vet.
Introduce yourself slowly to him as he sounds like he is still overwhelmed. Take steps slowly and in time he will perk up. Patience is key.
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