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Why won't my beagle be friendly to dogs?

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So, I have a beagle that's about 7 years old. Her name is Cleo, and she's a rescue dog. We got her 3 or 4 years ago and she was so shy! Thankfully, Cleo is really sweet now and not as shy as she used to be. But there's one problem. She still hates being around other dogs. She prefers cats. I am a dog person all the way, so it bothers me that she won't be nice to the friendly neighbor dogs! Silly Cleo-Leo! Is there anything I can do to make her warm up to them?
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don't force her to be near them. She hasn't been socialized with them so you need to start slow and walk her in an area that she may be somewhat near other dogs and then if you can find a supper mellow dog that will completely ignore her try walking them together (i would leave 10 to 20 feet between them at first)

She may never be willing to share her area with another dog.
Ok thanks. She isn't completely uncomfortable around other dogs. Like, if you walk her and a dog approaches her and sniffs her, she won't run away or anything. She just kind of stands there awkwardly. But if they try to play with her, that's when she gets spooked.
I agree,don't force her.

I have fostered many,many rescue beagles and some just don't like other dogs. This is most likely due to improper socialization. She may or may not warm up to other dogs.
You're right about improper socialization. Cleo was rescued from a trailer where a woman had been hoarding 50-60 other dogs. So that's why she has always had social issues.
One good step is to bring her to the park where she can see other dogs playing with each other. You can slowly socialize her with dogs and other dog persons.
wishbone, a couple years ago Cleo had a bad experience at the dog park and now she hates it. a pitbull tried to start a fight with her and bit a little piece of her ear off...
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