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I've noticed a lot of people are VERY critical and judgemental on this site. It's why I went absent for a long time. I want to point out that everyone here is different in their opinions on how they raise THEIR animals. Advice is often asked for but that doesn't mean they will do what you advise. It is their animals and they are there seeing what's happening while they are trying to express what happened. People asking for advice aren't vets which is why they ask.

I think a lot of people here are truly trying to help but people need to realize that no one is holding a gun to their head and making them listen to your advice. I know everyone on here wants the best for animals everywhere but unless it is your animal, you can't control others though politely disagree is understood. Criticizing and telling others how horrible they are as pet owners should not be considered ok because you wouldn't want people doing it to you!

A lot of people told me how horrible I was for rescuing some kittens and I had pretty much sentenced them to death and such. I rescued wild barn kittens, tamed them and sent them to good homes cutting down on the wild and feral pet population in which otherwise they would have continued to reproduce. All survived while many people on this site told me how horrible I was and I had killed the kittens I felt I did what was right and not one kitten died.

I give that example to show that pet owners have their own instincts and know what is best for their pet since they are THERE with the pet. All that is here is list of symptoms or such and we can't see what's happening. I think we all need to take a breath and realize that all we can do is offer advice and hope. I often disagree but I never tell others how stupid they are or how they're going to kill their pets. I think many people have forgotten there are PEOPLE on the other side of the computer and if you wouldn't say it to their face, you shouldn't say it on here. I hope some people will take this to heart. This is not meant to start anything. I am pointing out something that I KNOW bothers a lot of people and I do hope people here will realize others have the animals best interest at heart but all we can offer is our advice, that doesn't mean it is gospel or fact. It is simply ADVICE and nothing can top a vet appointment if unsure. I know a few people need to read this and I can only hope a few realize what is happening.
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I totally agree with you, I find I come hear less and less because users are rude to eachother not just the person posting anymore. I use to love paw talk but with that being said everyone has there own views on how to raise an animal. everyone has there own opnion, on how someone should handle a situation , but who is to say if there right or wrong ?

but as you said no ones holding a gun to anyones head and saying you have to do this. I find it sad that society now a days not only communicates less and less in real person, but feel the need to be rude to eachother over a computer screen like it makes them a bigger person. It doesn't at all. I think its sad when you can't even come onto a forum and ask a question anymore without getting your head ripped off.

How does anyone expect anyone to learn , if there going to be judged everytime they ask a question. example and I know this will probably start a fight and so be it if it does when last year i simply asked about declawing i got my head ripped off, I never said i was going to do it i was simply asking infortmation, we wonder why forums go dead and this is exactly why because people dont want to ask questions no more in fear that they will be judged,

I mean the worlds already a judgemental place, does it really have to be judgemental on the internet on an animal forum that claims there like family, its certainlly not apart of a family id want to in if not only they bash new comers for questions because they want infortmation , but as well as people who have been hear for years. its truely sad i dont come here often no more for those reasons not becausae personally people go after me but people go after others, its like being in high school all over agian, I much prefere because its drama free zone.

I honestly do not blame new members for coming and leaving after there first posts.
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I think every forum has these issues with knowitalls and people to stuck up to be very friendly because they think their way is right. In some instances there are people who need a wake up call, but to be critical and judgmental o someone who doesnt know better and asks for help, ect. Its sad when a forum is supposed to be a safe community you can share your stories with leaves a bad taste. For me, i have no animal loving family and few friends, the forums have been nice for education and comfort. Over the years though people have been meaner. To the point of gossiping l...this isnt highschool ppl get over yourselves.
I remember back in the day * puffs on bubble pipe & adjusts flat cat cap *

This site used to be a hive of activity , and people actualy went out of their way to get to know you and your pets.

In recent years we have had a few Troll types that are normaly desperate for help or have some hidden agenda. Normal members are reduced to replying to your pet pics by saying merely

" Aww he's -sw he's so sute "

And that just ai'nt good enough.

Where are the personal questions about other peoples pets , liek the good ole days. Users need to invest in communication , getting to know eachother other that complaining about the site.

Only we can improve PT. so get talking to eachother and posting up more pics of the furries. And when the pics go down.

No " So Cute " and then walk off.

I have'nt personaly had too much issue with users on here telling me what to do and look after my pets.


Nobody's told me to keep the cat away from the pigeon. Nothing

Is ever impossible in this world , or what it seems with the animal kingdom.

Not the Mushroom kingdom.
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Toky you make me sound so old since we've been here forever! I do agree a lot of very opinionated people, who do indeed mean the best can come off harsh to a scared pet owner who just wants the best for their pet.

On the other hand some trolls go around trying to stir up trouble. I think a lot of their answers are meant to stir up trouble and now a lot of people shy away from asking anything or giving any opinion but "cute" like you said.
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