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will my blue lobster be ok in a medicated tank for my sick fish?

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hey does anyone know if my blue lobster would be ok if i put medicine in the tank for the fish?? it appears that my fish have fin rot since i introduced the lobster a week or 2 ago.....they have split fins appearing but would the lobster be ok in the medicated tank? ty :)
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Are you sure the lobster isn't the one splitting their fins? They'll go after fish, I do believe.
Red streaks sound like ammonia burn to me.
^^^ Agreed. Unless you plan on getting a 60 gallon or larger tank, I would re-home all of your fish and your lobster, and get some community fish instead.
4 or 5 tetras, guppies or platties would do fine in a tank that size, but your goldies won't make it if you keep them in that tiny tank. :(
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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