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Will my bun love me?

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My fiance and I got a 3 month old brown lil lionhead a month ago and everything is going pretty well. I just keep seeing people mentioning playing,cuddling, and petting. And our little Cocoa wants nothing to do with us. Is this normal for a youngin? We also have a 2 year old girl who can be, well, a two year old at times, but she doesn't really bother her. We have a cage in the corner with a litter tray and keep the door open most of the time. Any thoughts?
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Depends on the rabbit. They all have their own personalities and some are more stand offish than others.

Cocoa may warm up to you after awhile. Rabbits aren't usually like some animals who are overly friendly and love everyone - usually you have to really develop a relationship with them and earn their trust before they will really warm up to you.
Agreed. :) Not to mention that most rabbits hate being held, although most of them don't mind petting.
Your 2 year old might be making him a little nervous too. Bunnies don't like loud noises or quick movement.
She's only young too. Acacia was over a year before I could sit and pet her. Having her spayed when she's 6 months will help with hormones and calm her down. Commercial cages IMO are too small for rabbits without hours of out of cage time. It's more resourceful to rabbit proof a room or build a NIC pen also knows as C&C. These allow for sufficient stretching and runnning. In the night time bunnies loooooove to run and binky and I find store bought cages are simply too small to accommodate this happy time.
As Jess mentioned, a small child may frighten the rabbit so that may take a bit of time. It took Acacia a little while to warm up to my niece too.
Oliver likes me, I think, but then again, it might have more to do with food. I do know that he's not near so afraid of my any longer because when I go to feed him he'll let me pet him while he eats. Do I think he likes it when I pet him? No - not allusions there. I think he knows that I'm not going to hurt him and tolerates being touched because he's hungry.

It definitely takes time, but I consider being able to pet Oliver to be a huge step considering he used to hide when I would approach him. Like everyone else has said, it takes time.
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