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Wilson Veterinary Hospital in Michigan?

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I’m getting my rabbit spayed and have called around trying to find the best vet/price. The Humane Society can do the spay for $109. But they do not offer bloodwork before the surgery. Which I would like to do because she is 4 years old. I found a vet called Wilson Veterinary Hospital that will do the spay for $85 and can do bloodwork. Does anyone have experience with this vet? I just want to make sure I'm taking my baby to a vet that I can trust.

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Hm, that IS cheap!! I wouldn't put price above experience though. If they are a school training vets to spay rabbits then you might be paying a lower price. As is the situation with some shelters who have vets in hire.
I would talk around. This link is the rabbit savvy vets in Michigan:
Since that list might be a little outdated, use this next link to question the Wilson folks. My bunny was spayed successfully by a vet not listed on the the house rabbit society because back 5 years ago when I got her I knew no such thing existed!!
Good luck!
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