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__ Network Herald _ Network world authority navigation Microsoft Win8 attitude, never just To hype a concept, nor is it a simple version of the system upgrade, but a plan ---- Microsoft operating system can be integrated phone, PC, Tablet PC, TV, game consoles (XBOX) terminal, now this dream is about to Win8. Here to share with you a
Beijing time on September 13, Apple is scheduled to release iPhone5. In the after the spoilers six months, the industry saw a lackluster smart phone, in addition to the elongated screen size, no special about. The spectators even ridicule iOs developers, or equipped with wireless charging technology, pure the King PureView camera technology than iPhone5 catching many.
Nokia took a deep breath. Beginning in February last year, Nokia began depth bundled Microsoft, to be seen as no Plan B. In fact, not only Nokia, Apple extrusion has already suffocating enterprise should be slightly to see a glimmer of hope. Dell, HP, Acer, Asus, these brave of the PC era,Samsung AA-PLPN6LW akku, the impact of the Tablet PC already sluggish growth, there are those in the mobile era wanderers forward phone manufacturers have, such as Nokia, HTC, they need a comeback of opportunities. The Win8 happens to them such an opportunity.
Microsoft Win8 attitude is not just To hype a concept, nor is it a simple version of the system upgrade, but a premeditated long big plans. Zhang Yaqin, Microsoft's senior vice president of Microsoft Asia-Pacific R & D Group Chairman, said: machine (XBOX) terminal, just WindowsVista problem, we missed a cycle. RT version. Its most important feature is that all versions of the kernel is all the same, only that Win8 kernel will apply to all computing devices, includes both WindowServer2012, WindowsAzure can easily achieve cross-platform development. The second feature is the new touch Metro interface (now renamed called Modern the interface).
To prove Win8 distinctive, June 18, Microsoft introduced the Surface Tablet PC, a total of two, respectively, equipped with a Windows8 and WindowsRT system. The former is the X86 architecture (Intel), the latter for the ARM architecture. Surface good illustration of one thing: With Win8 PC manufacturers also produce dazzling Tablet PC, also without losing the performance of your PC. The industry called the tablet / netbook hybrid device.
seems to be a response, IFA show in Germany on August 31, Samsung, Dell and Sony show a PC manufacturers such as Hewlett-Packard, Acer has also said the upcoming Win8 tablet computer,HP OmniBook XT6050-F4510JC akku; WP8 phone succession Samsung, Nokia, HTC scramble released.
Obviously, Microsoft still want to dominate the whole industry chain is copied to the mobile end, the advantages of the PC in the past, the fulcrum is Win8. Fortunately, the original Lord of the industrial chain Jiuchen also hope that by Win8 together to move forward. This time Empire Strikes Back.
but their ideals to achieve this? Win8 Me and you?
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