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Worried about brand new kitten!! ;(

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Any help or suggestions would be appreciated!

I adopted a baby kitten from a shelter. He's about 2 months old although the people at the shelter didn't know for sure. He was happy the night we brought him home (Thursday) and was very active and happy, then yesterday morning he had explosive diarrhea and was vomiting.

I took him to the vet, who said he had bacteria in his stool but no parasites/worms or anything. They prescribed Metronidazole 1/4 tablet every 12 hours and he got the first dose at the vet. I gave him the second dose this morning but he's still lethargic. He's been sleeping all day and has no appetite. He's not dehydrated because I did that "tent test" and also I saw he had used the litter of but I'm worried.

Is his loss of appetite due to him being sick or the medication? Is there a way I could get him to eat?? I'm worried and the follow up isn't until Monday. Any advice/tips would be appreciated
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I read that decreased appetite is a potential side effect of Metronidazole. I have never had to give my cats this drug. I hope that your kitten is now eating – or that you have contacted your vet and perhaps he has changed the medication.
My mother rescued greyhounds and when she brought her one boy home (sorry, I know it's not a kitten but I wanted to put my experience out there:)) he had bad diarrhea for DAYS. She gave him rice and boiled chicken or plain chop meat (vet told her to) to settle his stomach. I don't know about for cats, though, but I think our dog was sick because he was stressed. New place, new was too much for him. I just googled it and I read that kittens can get IBS. Did you ask your vet about this?
Hope your new kitty get well soon, probably he had that sickness and new environment probably gives him little bit of stress.
The same thing happened to my now late cat when I first brought him home. He was full grown, not a kitten, but the symptoms are similar, almost exact. It was due to the excitment of the move, plus new food, everything just upset his poor system :[ so we confined him to the bathroom for a few days, made sure he was drinking and eating, and spent lots and lots of time with him to get cuddles in and make sure he knew he was loved. It took him a few days before things got back to normal, and he returned to his happy, healthy self.

Its probably just the change in environment but most likely a change in food. Hope he's doing better!
are u feeding him the same thing as what the shelter was feeding him ? sometimes a change in food to quickly can cause this.
Hello Friend
Warm well come this forum. And don't worry about your kitten, He is so young and having some changing environment please take some precaution or regular medicine.

Thanks & Regards !
Hopefully by now your kitten is back to eating! One thing you might try is offering him some plain yogurt. They usually like it, it settles well on thier tummy, and it is especially good to replace the 'friendly' bacteria if they have been taking antibiotics.
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