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Worried about Panda :(

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Im worried about my pet rat Panda :( He has diarrhea and his hair is standing up and looks a bit wild..I haven't changed their diet at all and Dobby (my other rat) also has the wild hair but doesnt seem to have any other issues..They still eat and drink and are active. Do you guys have any advice on what to do? Or am I worrying over nothing?
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The 'wild hair' is a common symptom that there is an underlying illness. They might have an infection/illness of some kind and don't feel well enough to groom themselves properly. They could have parasites. Or possibly something is off nutritionally that is cumulative.

I'd take them to the vet if it were me to rule out a time sensitive illness. The problem with rats is that as a prey species, they are very good at hiding their discomfort and illness until it is quite advanced. So, you have rats who are sick or hurt and don't look it. And then all of a sudden they look very sick and go downhill fast. So if a rat is symptomatic of something and just not looking well, aggressive treatment can make the difference in life or death.

That said, I don't know what's wrong with your poor guys. Maybe Lilspaz has a better idea as she has tons of experience treating ailing ratties.

Search around on sites like AFRMA and the rat health guide too.

What is their diet?
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How old is Panda?
Has he ever been sick before?
What colour is he? Does he have lots of white markings like blazes or white splotches on him?

The "wild hair" is a symptom of not feeling well, or pain.
Panda is 2 months old and he has never been sick before..I have had them for 3.5 weeks now.
He is hooded and has a brown hood and white body. He is also a dumbo rat.
I would say that most of his body is white.
His hair is kinda standing up instead of just being smooth. I'm going to call a vet first thing on monday because there is one here that specializes in rats so I will contact them as soon as possible! I really hope he is okay..:(
**** forgot to ask somehting in my previous post.. My rats arent completely hand trained yet so thats going to be difficult when we are at the vet :S Are there any things I should think about when I take a scared rat to the vet?
OK hoodies aren't usually susceptible to megacolon (thank the rat gods!) where one of the signs is diarrhea and then a bloated up belly...MC is almost always fatal and a terribly painful way to die, so I needed to rule it out first.

He could have an overload of parasites, he could be reacting to something you fed, but normally that would just cause digestive issues but no signs of illness/pain.

How handleable are your young'un's? What have you tried to socialize them?
They were extremely skittish and scared when I first got them..Like when I was across the room and I would move or put my glass on the counter they would jump and hide so it has taken me quite some time to get them more comfortable with me.. I got some advice from people here and have been working with babyfood to get them more comfortable with me.. Im using like puree'd apple that okay? or is that the problem because thats the only thing in their 'diet' that has changed recently.. I don't give them a lot..just a little bit on my finger and they have been getting more and more comfortable with it..they are just starting to walk up and down my arms when I sit next to their cage..but I can however pick them up and put them in a carrier when I need to clean their cage..they don't like it very much because they go as far in the corner as possible but when I have to clean the cage I just grab them. Gently of course. They seem to be grooming themselves and each other quite a lot..I dont know if its different than usual because I have never had rats before..and they don't seem to be in pain or anything.. Im really worried but the vet is closed today and tomorrow :(
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I would stop with the apple could be causing the diarrhea...acidic fruit can easily do that. Fear also. I assume its very liquidy and went he's in his cage?
Okay I will stop with that particular baby food..any suggestions for babyfood I should use?
Okay I will stop with that particular baby food..any suggestions for babyfood I should use?
Try baby cereal (flavoured) instead. Much better for them.
Okay I will check that out as soon as possible! When I played with Dobby and Panda today I used rice crispies instead of the babyfood so if that was the problem maybe tomorrow will be different! I really really hope so :(
So I observed both my rats some more and what I noticed is that during the day..their hair is standing up. Not all of it just seperate hairs all over their backs. But in the evening everything looks fine..The diarrhea is gone but I think that may have been just stress because some people were in my room 2 days ago and yesterday and they talked rather loudly and my rats arent really used to that..but I still think its weird..they seem fine..its just the hair that bothers me :S
Piloerection (hair sticking up) can be fora bunch of reasons, but if they are not accompanied by any other symptoms do not worry :)

glad those tums are doing better :)
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