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worst patient ever?

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I took Loki to the vet the other day due to a foxtail being stuck in his ear. We knew he had vet issues, but we learned just how much of a hellhound he could be. My normal vet goes very slow with my dogs. He was booked and couldn't take walk ins. So I went to a different vet. The guy moved pretty fast but even when he did slow his movement, Loki had to be muzzled. After that, I had to pin him against the wall so the vet could look in his ear.

I got a call later because apparently he bit a vet and ripped out his IV (he had to go under due to his wild behavior) and I needed to bring in proof of rabies vaccination. It took 3 people to finally get my 7lb chihuahua to go sleepy. I hear dogs are a lot less hostile when their owners leave. Clearly Loki isn't like most dogs.

I was given Gentizol to put in his ears. He loves me till I pull out the bottle. I mean he doesn't go buck wild like he did at the office but still. I have to back him into a corner and put a cone on him just to get a drop in his ear!!!!

We're talking about an otherwise angel. A dog that doesn't mind being groomed and LOVES when the ladies give him attention. I read other horror patient stories but none seem to match this!!
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at the shelter chiuahua's are often the worst getting shots and microchipped, next are min pins and toy poodles. Muzzle him if you have to. Its for his own good, as well as yours.
Makes me wonder if spyro has more of a doxie personality when scared. He is also a problem dog and bites when people go too fast with him. I go VERY slow with Loki. It takes about 30 minutes to get the stuff in his ear. But then again I'm really good at getting animals to do things that they don't want to do.

I never knew that though. Chis are really hellhounds I guess lol.
Three most likely breeds to bite - 2 are Dachs and Chis! Dach #1 and Chi#2...Can't remember what the third was ...Was a terrier breed....
I hear its poms, chis, min pins. All three are in the top fifteen overall...

I know you're more likely to get mauled by a chi than a pitty lol.
chichis are known for being one person dogs and can get quite defensive. At the shelter right now we have one that is severely imbred and only ways about 2 lbs at 8 months old. she will go after the big dogs and growl for her bone.. she sounds like a moped though so the other dogs wonder what the heck she is and where the noise is coming from.
Hope those stats are not accurate and no dogs should be blamed, proper and dedication in training should always be encouraged.
Gotta love those little guys. My little dog is the friendliest dog you could ever hope to meet but he does not realize how small he is. He defiantly thinks he's one of the biggest dogs around haha. He loves playing with big dogs but it always makes me kind of nervous that one of them will hurt him by accident.

Luckily we got him young and spent a lot of time training/socializing him as a puppy so he's very friendly. When I take him to the vet he gets really excited. Everyone at our vet's office loves him so he gets a lot of attention and treats at the vets.

Loki does sound like a tough costumer for the vets! I hope his ear is feeling better soon, foxtails are evil.
Hope those stats are not accurate and no dogs should be blamed, proper and dedication in training should always be encouraged.
I agree with this.

I have a "pomchi" AKA a mutt and he is SO chihuahua. He looks like one and acts like one. His name is Killer and he has the name for a reason. He growls and acts big and tough but he's really not. His growls aren't real I suppose. He WANTS you to try to take his toy and he lets you take his food/treats. When he's growling you could touch his tooth and really anything on him and he would never snap.

He's good with the vet even though he's not too great with girls (he seems to howl/growl at them the most...LOL) he tolerates them. Right now I"m trying to get him to be more socialized because he barks at strangers a lot.

Anyway If you dog has a big problem with the vet, call ahead and ask for some kind of sedative, just tell them your problem. My mom's dog flipped the last time the vet tried to clip his took 3 assistants to hold him down, he peed everywhere and after they muzzled him, he ended up pooping all over the place. He is a "mutt" that mostly looks like a german shepherd. The vet told us to just call the day before the next time and they would prescribe a sedative to give to him before his appointment.
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My moms lab is so hyper that he is going to get a sedative next time he goes to the vet, it took 5 needles before they got him last time, cause he just wiggles so much.
Yeah Spyro thinks hes 100lbs haha. He stood up to my neighbor's pit bulls. Good thing they think they're small lol.
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